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  • No Toronto bid for an NHL expansion franchise?
    No big surprise.
    NHL commish Gary Bettman has always been lukewarm to the idea of a second Toronto team, saying that if the Maple Leafs ever won the Stanley Cup the second Toronto squad would be completely smothered by the blue and white. Of course the idea of the Leafs EVER winning another Cup is extremely debatable, but Bettman is very loyal to his existing NHL partners (It's why Phoenix and Florida continue to ice teams despite stinky attendance) and he doesn't seem all that keen about giving the Leafs a little local competition.
    I've always said the best-case scenario for Toronto landing a second NHL franchise would be for Rogers and Bell to split the massive MLSE pie and end their goofy marriage of convenience.  Rogers can have the Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays.....Bell could take TFC, the Argos and buy their own NHL team. Then, Bell could build a huge sports complex that would include an NHL rink, a football stadium to house an NFL team AND host the Summer Olympics that Mayor John Tory and others suddenly seem to be interested in bringing to town.
    A "dream" scenario, perhaps, but an idea that makes a lot of sense.
    Life in the Fast Lane
    "Olympic Fever" in Toronto is all because of the surprising success of the Pan Am Games.
    A lot of people were belly-aching before the Games, (traffic concerns, the taxpayer price tag, etc) and I admit to being one of those belly-acher's.
    However, there's no question the Pan Am's have been a good party and a huge motivator to all the young people watching the competition. My 9 year old lad, for example, is a huge basketball nut and he was absolutely pumped about taking in some of the Pan-Am hoops tournament.
    Another positive about the Pan Am's?
    The traffic has actually been a bonus...well, at least if you've got kids. Thanks to the HOV lane I managed to deliver my two lads to their baseball game in Markham this week in record time, as a trip that would usually take well over an hour was chopped down to 30 minutes. If you're a solo commuter going back and forth from the 'burbs to your downtown job everyday, the HOV lanes are horrible.
    But for a parent trying to get their kids to the soccer pitch or ball diamond on time?
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