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  • I've been flattered by this cold since coming home from vacation but I have been doing some writing on the side. 
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  • Here's the commercial we were talking about today.  It's a few years old but seems to be making the rounds on TV again. What do you use Duct Tape for?
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  • Today on The Showgram, fill-in host Jon Pole spoke with Susan O' Rafferty from Caledon Ontario whose daughter, Ciara, suffers from a rare digestive disorder. 

    Unable to get a surgery Ciara needed in Canada and running out of time, her family took her to the U.S. for a procedure that has left them $100, 000 in debt.
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  • Every night a win....Every night a sell out.

    Yes, there's definitely a big Blue Jays baseball buzz in Toronto, with fans across the country excited about the team's great performance.

    But if you're jumping on the Blue Jays bandwagon for the very first time, there are a few points of etiquette to ponder so you don't completely irritate veteran fans who supported the Jays even before they became big winners.

    First off, if you're GOING to the ball game, it's good to actually WATCH the ball game. 

    Gabbing loudly on your cell phone to your buddy?

    Not cool at all, and only underlines the fact that your buddy is too cheap to buy a ticket.

    Also not cool?

    Jumping out of your seat every few pitches to make another hot dog run. 

    And forget about mumbling "Sorry....Sorry....Sorry" as you stomp on everybody's toes wandering down the aisle. If you were THAT sorry, you'd spend more time with your butt cheeks plastered to your seat.

    There's another headache that often occurs at the ball park...and I mean that literally. I was at a Blue Jays game last week and the guy behind me was driving everybody crazy with his running commentary.

    "That's Jose Bautista. You know, Jose didn't really come into his own until he left the Pirates to join the Jays." 

    "Hey! Did you know Justin Smoak is one of the best defensive first basemen in all of baseball?"

    "Blah! Blah! Blah!"

    When you're watching the ball game at home on television and the announcers get on your nerves, you have the option of punching the "mute" button. But there's no such luck at the ball park, so if you fancy yourself as a budding Buck Martinez at least do everybody a big solid and keep it down, for crying out loud.

    Meanwhile, don't even get me started on "The Wave". 

    You know the drill.

    Just when the game is getting interesting, some over-sauced frat boy who thinks he's the first guy to ever come up with the idea is bound to jump up with a goofy grin on his mug.

    "Hey Toronto! Get on your feet and let's get the wave going! What d'ya say?"

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