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  • Tocino Boys (located at 1180 Queen St. W, East of Dufferin) is the brainchild of John DeBlois, and is a true definition of a "hidden gem".  Normally that term just means your place is under-visited, but in the case of Tocino Boys it's actually literal.  John's restaurant is tucked away at the back of a bar called The Midpoint.  When you walk in, if you step past the bar, right behind the DJ to your right, you'll see John's kitchen on the left, full of delicious ingredients where he'll make you a variety of incredible foods to order.  You can get things like tacos, fries, chorizo burger, poutine, Manila fries and a sandwich called Supreme Supreme.
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  • Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown has decided to get a head start on losing the 2018 election. On Friday he announced that he would roll back the province's sex ed curriculum which went into effect during the last school year. 
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