• I know you're inundated with urgent appeals to watch videos. They always threaten to melt your heart or amaze you and no matter how many minutes of time is wasted waiting for the cat to push the miniature poodle off the end table you are always told "watch until the very end".
  • You've heard me talk about riding bikes with the blind. I do it as part of the Trailblazers Riding Club of Toronto. This Saturday April 18th the Trailblazers are holding an open house at the Institute for the Blind on Bayview from 10AM to noon. It's a great chance for you to find out more about the club. We are always looking for new sighted riders or as we call them "captains".
  • Maybe a better day trip
  • this video makes it clear there really are cops out there who shoot people without cause
  • Dead toddler's dad declines money


Born and raised in Montreal, John Moore arrived in Toronto in 2003 to take over the afternoon show on NEWSTALK 1010 but was already a regular contributor to the morning show since 1999 – the show he currently hosts. Moore in the Morning, the informative morning show airs Monday to Friday 5:30AM – 9AM.

John holds a degree in Communications from Concordia University and graduated from the School of Community and Public Affairs. He cut his teeth as a hard news reporter and anchor in the 1980s before moving into entertainment and arts reporting which involved fewer separatist rallies and more free wine. His movie reviews and freewheeling entertainment commentaries were a staple for years on several Montreal stations, NEWSTALK 1010 and Global Television.

John was one of the founders of the award winning On the Spot Improv and spent years playing reporters and evil lawyers in film and television. He worked as a director and reporter at the French language CBC for two years before they decided his accent wasn’t nearly as cute as everyone had thought. Moore also writes regularly for The National Post.