2 arrested after East York home invasion

Posted By: James Moore · 1/6/2013 11:11:00 PM

A teenager is facing charges in connection with a violent home invasion in East York.

The 17-year old boy -- who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act -- and 29-year old Matthew Rigby allegedly broke into a house on Sammon Avenue, near Coxwell and Danforth Avenues on Saturday evening.

The homeowner, a man in his mid-20's, put up a fight that resulted in he and one of the alleged invaders suffering stab wounds.

Its not clear why the suspects chose to break into the home but Toronto Police say the all parties involved know eachother.

Rigby and the 17-year old face assault, weapons, and robbery charges.

Gerard Kennedy vows to rip up Ontario teachers' contract if elected

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 1/6/2013 10:30:00 PM

Ontario's Liberal leadership hopefuls are divided on what they'd do to end the labour strife with public school teachers who are outraged with the government for imposing new contracts under a controversial anti-strike law.

The topic of teachers was barely mentioned during Sunday's two-hour candidates' debate, despite the wall of protesters picketing outside the convention centre in Ajax.

Former education minister Gerard Kennedy, who met with the demonstrators, was the only candidate who said he'd rip up the two-year collective agreements that have been forced on teachers and restart negotiations for new ones.

``The only way to rebargain is to be prepared to reopen those or to start afresh,'' he told The Canadian Press. ``And I'm not sure which will work, but I think that's probably starting again.''

None of the other candidates said they'd go that far, but almost all promised to meet union leaders to try to resolve ...

Former PM calls Attawapiskat Chief ''an inspiration''

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 1/6/2013 4:15:00 PM

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin says Chief Theresa Spence is an inspiration to all Canadians.

Martin met with Spence at her camp on Ottawa's Victoria Island Saturday.

Martin told CTV's Question Period Sunday it was a good meeting & that he told Spence people are concerned about her health.  The Attawapiskat Chief has gone without solid food for close to a month.

She's trying to lock down a meeting between First Nations leaders, Prime Minister Stephen Harper & d the Governor General to discuss the treaty relationship.

Friday, Harper agreed to meet with the leaders this week.

But Spence is keeping up her hunger strike at least until the meeting takes place.

(With files from the Canadian Press)

New EI rules in effect

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 1/6/2013 3:50:00 PM

Contentious changes to employment insurance are now in effect.

As of Sunday, people on EI face stricter, more complex rules to keep their benefits.

The goal is get the unemployed back into the workforce sooner.

The changes to the EI program clarified what it means to be looking for a suitable job. 

The search includes preparing resumes, registering for job banks,
attending job fairs, applying for jobs & undergoing competency evaluations.

A suitable job is defined by factors including commuting time, whether the hours are compatible with the claimant's life & wages.

The feds have also launched an email subscription service to send updates on available jobs & labour market conditions.

(With files from The Canadian Press)

VIA Rail: Back to normal today

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 1/6/2013 9:34:00 AM

VIA Rail says it expects its schedule on the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto routes to be back to normal today after disruptions yesterday.

That's when a First Nations' railroad blockade near Kingston caused delays for more than a thousand passengers.

Four trains had to stop travelling and delays ranged between one and two hours.

The company says it doesn't anticipate any significant delays today.

VIDEOS: Statement from the NHLPA

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 1/6/2013 8:20:00 AM

After a tentative deal was reached between the NHL and players' association, the NHLPA has released a statement on its website:

Following a marathon session of bargaining that began on Saturday morning and lasted into the early hours of Sunday, the NHLPA and the NHL announced that they had reached a tentative agreement in principle on the framework of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

NHLPA Executive Director Don Fehr and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman met briefly with the assembled media just past 5:30 a.m. to announce the agreement in principle and give the hockey world an update on what is to come in the next few days, as we approach the puck-drop of the 2013-14 season.

The final drafting of the tentative agreement, as well as ratification from both the NHLPA membership and the NHL Board of Governors, still remains as crucial parts of the process before this collective bargaining ...

Right-wing group calling for Toronto casino to pay for subways

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 1/6/2013 4:50:00 AM

A right-wing advocacy group is pushing for a Toronto casino to pay for subways.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is presenting a policy paper at city hall this morning calling it the "Transit Funding Trifecta."

they say their plan could bring in $400-million in revenue from hosting fees for having a casino in Toronto, licensed gaming tables in the hospitality industry, and revenue from online gaming.

The coalition says the money could be used to build 1 km of underground subway tunnel and one subway station per year.

Liberal leadership candidates face off today in Ajax

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 1/6/2013 5:06:00 AM

The seven candidates vying to become Ontario's next
premier are facing off today in Ajax.
The Liberal leadership hopefuls will be debating transit, health
care in the 905 area around Toronto and their priorities should they
become premier.
With just a few weeks to go until the leadership convention in
Toronto, the discussion could start heating up over some of the
controversial decisions the Liberals have made over the past few
The decision to impose contracts on about 126,000 teachers and
education workers earlier this week may saddle the next premier with
more labour unrest.
But the government has also promised to repeal the controversial
anti-strike law that gave them the power to force the collective
agreements on teachers, likely before the new leader is chosen.
Public elementary teachers staged one-day strikes in protest of
the law, while high school teachers cut out extracurricular...

UPDATE: NHL and players' union reach tentative deal

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 1/6/2013 5:13:00 AM

After six long months of negotiations, it took one
extremely long night to get the NHL out of the boardroom and back on
the ice.
A tentative deal to end the 113-day NHL lockout was reached
Sunday morning at the end of a marathon 16-hour negotiating session.
``We have reached an agreement on the framework of a new
collective bargaining agreement, the details of which need to be put
to paper,'' NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told a news conference.
``We've got to dot a lot of i's and cross a lot of t's. There's
still a lot of work to be done but the basic framework of the deal
has been agreed upon.''
Before the new CBA officially comes into effect, it must be
ratified by a majority of both the league's 30 owners and the
union's membership of approximately 740 players.
``Hopefully within a very ...

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