Disgraced Tour de France Winner to Talk About Doping Allegations on Oprah

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 1/8/2013 9:28:00 PM

Lance Armstrong has agreed to a rare televised interview with Oprah Winfrey that will air next week.

According to a release posted on Oprah's website on Tuesday, Armstrong will address allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career.

Armstrong has strongly denied the doping charges that led to him being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, but The New York Times reported Friday he has told associates he is considering admitting the use of PEDS.

The newspaper report cited anonymous sources, and Armstrong attorney Tim Herman told The Associated Press that night that he had no knowledge of Armstrong considering a confession.

Oprah's interview with Armstrong will air on Jan. 17.

(The Associated Press)

Boy Attacked During Brampton Home Invasion

Posted By: David Woodard · 1/8/2013 9:27:00 PM

A 13-year-old boy has sustained minor injuries after a home invasion in Brampton.

Peel investigators say a masked man armed with a knife walked into a residence near Kennedy and Bovaird shortly before 7 p.m Tuesday.

The boy was stabbed in the leg and suffered minor injuries the suspect made off with electronics from the home.

Police are still looking for the suspect, and no suspect description has been released.

Mayor Ford Back at Work with Future in Legal Limbo

Posted By: Russ Courtney · 1/8/2013 5:18:00 PM

A day after Mayor Rob Ford was in court for his appeal of a conflict of interest ruling that tossed him from office, it was back to work at city hall for the first official business of 2013.

Ford wasn't in the mood to talk about the state of the city with his job in legal limbo, dashing from his office to a second floor meeting room, answering few questions.

While the city and it's politicians wait for a ruling that could up hold or overturn the decision that removed him from office, Ford was asked how it could be business as usual at city hall and suggested he was going to "show up go to work and respect taxpayer money."

But a political foe suggested that mantra might be easier said than done.

"It's not business as usual at all," says councillor Gord Perks. "The entire city is under ...

The RA Dickey Era Begins

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 1/8/2013 4:26:00 PM

R-A Dickey says he's looking forward to being a Canadian for six months a year.

The knuckleballer and reigning N-L Cy Young champion was introduced by the Toronto Blue Jays today.

The Jays acquired Dickey from the New York Mets over the off-season.

Dickey says he was drawn to the Blue Jays for their baseball pedigree, including two World Series titles in the 1990s.

Richmond/Adelaide bike lanes on Wednesday's agenda at city hall

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 1/8/2013 3:23:00 PM

Bike lanes are back on the agenda at city hall this week, this time along Richmond and Adelaide Sts. 

The bid committee will decide on Wednesday whether to approve a contract with IBI Group for an environment assessment into bike lanes along the east-west corridor.

The bike lanes would stretch from Bathurst St to Sherbourne St.

If the contract is approved, the assessment could be completed by the end of the year and the new lanes installed next year.

But if the city builds Richmond/Adelaide bike lanes, would the cyclists come?

"I don't know," says Scott, a cyclist himself. "Richmond is a pretty wild street. I would want to stay away from it regardless."

He says he would prefer to see a bike lane on Queen St, but he would use Richmond bike lanes if they were separated

Alan, meanwhile, a driver, says he would want to see bike lanes on ...

Councillors Discuss the State of the Gardiner

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 1/8/2013 1:56:00 PM

The city's budget committee has voted to restart an environmental study of future options of the Gardiner Expressway, which may lead to a section of the highway being torn down east of Jarvis.

City council still needs to approve spending the approximately 4 million dollars to look all options.

Councillors are already considering spending $500 million dollars on critical repairs to the crumbling expressway over the next 10 years.

Councillor Doug Ford doesn't think the roadway will just disappear. As a matter of fact, he says nothing would be torn down, unless there’s a better solution in place.

Councillor Gord Perks is thinking. He says now is the time to start talking about those different options to the Gardiner. He wants to talk to Torontonians and come up with a plan.

City staff say it could take 6-9 years to complete a tear down of part of the highway. Some ...

Wealthy Seniors May Have to Pay for Home Care

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 1/8/2013 1:50:00 PM

The Ontario government is considering asking seniors with higher incomes to chip in for their home care.

A report meant to pave the way for the province's strategy on seniors care recommends exploring the possibility of an ``income-based system.''

It's one of 169 recommendations laid out in the report titled ``Living Longer, Living Well,'' the highlights of which were released today.

Health Minister Deb Matthews says the province has already moved to an income-based system when it comes to drug co-pays,  and it may be time to do so for home care.

She says that if asking some seniors to contribute would allow more seniors to get care ``that's a conversation we need to have.''

But she stresses the province will ensure everyone has access to the health care they need, regardless of their financial situation.

(with files from Canadian Press)

Toronto Police Yank a Pair of Cars From Lake Ontario

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 1/8/2013 12:51:00 PM

Toronto Police went fishing on Tuesday.

Officers were at the water’s edge of Lake Ontario, at Sugar Beach, pulling two vehicles from the depths.

Both were found on Monday, with the use of side scan sonar.

Toronto Police say one of the vehicles was reported missing 5 years ago.

UPDATE: Bill 115-Imposed Contracts Can Be Reopened

Posted By: Amber Gero · 1/8/2013 12:33:00 PM

A spokesperson for the Minister of Education confirms to Newstalk 1010 that all contracts imposed on teachers and other school workers may be reopened if both sides involved agree. 

In a written statement sent out Monday night, Education Minister Laurel Broten responded to the Toronto District School Board’s claims that its hands have been tied because of Bill 115 and has slammed the door on the board’s opportunity to find savings in its contract with the Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council.  That is the same union linked to pricey projects at the TDSB such as the $143 charged for installing a pencil sharpener, and $3000 for an electrical outlet. 

In a written statement responding to the board’s chair Chris Bolton, Education Minister Laurel Broten said “This agreement has no bearing on the board’s ability to control spending or to work with the union to manage the cost of maintenance ...

TDSB and Province Pointing Fingers Over Skilled Trades' Contracts

Posted By: Michelle Rosa · 1/8/2013 6:01:00 AM

An apparent curve-ball in the dispute between the McGuinty Government and education workers in Ontario.

Queen's Park has imposed wage-freeze contracts on most public school boards and their teacher unions under the Putting Students First Act. As part of this, the Education Minister also extended the contract between the Toronto District School Board and the Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council.

It was skilled trades council that was costing taxpayers millions of dollars because of overcharging. That includes the bill for $143 to put in a pencil sharpener.

The chair of the school board, Chris Bolton has sent a letter to Education Minister Laurel Broten essentially saying her interference in this matter has left the board in an untenable situation as it struggles with its capital and operating budgets.

Monday evening, the minister fired back basically saying the board had plenty of time to negotiate an agreement, (that being from ...

Tech Show Unveils Ultra High-Def TV

Posted By: Michelle Rosa · 1/8/2013 5:52:00 AM

Sony Corp. is finally pressing its advantage as a conglomerate that owns both high-tech gadgets and the content that plays on them by being the only electronics maker to offer ultra-HD TV's and a way to get movies to the new super clear screens.

Ultra-high definition TVs, which quadruple the number of pixels of current high definition technology, have been the talk of the International CES gadget show so far. But only Sony has offered a content solution to go with them. With the 84-inch (213-centimetre) ultra-HD set it launched in November, Sony threw in a tablet and computer server that has 10 movies preloaded on the device for $25,000.

The movies came from the library of Sony Pictures or its subsidiary Columbia Pictures, like ``The Amazing Spider-Man'' and ``The Karate Kid.''

On Monday, Sony unveiled 55-inch (140-centimetre) and 65-inch (165.-centimetre) ultra-HD sets that will sell this spring for an ...

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