Police make arrest linked to alleged GO train sex assault

Posted By: James Moore · 2/13/2013 9:33:00 PM

Toronto Police have arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year old girl on a GO Train.

27-year old Christopher Fraser of Whitby was taken into custody on Wednesday and faces charges of sex assault, voyeurism, indecent acts, criminal harassment, and obtaining transportation by fraud.

The alleged incident happened on February 6th.

Police say a man sitting next to the teen snapped pictures of her on his cell phone, then sexually assaulted her.

The suspected followed the girl for a short distance after she girl got off the train at Rouge Hill GO Station.

Authorities believe there may be more victims.

Shelter Worker Tells Court Kachkar 'Definitely Had Problems'

Posted By: Russ Courtney · 2/13/2013 8:57:00 PM

Less than 12 hours before Toronto Police Sgt. Ryan Russell was struck and killed by a stolen snowplow, a homeless shelter employee says the man behind the wheel asked if he could call the RCMP because he thought “he might do something bad.”

Dennis Gayle, an employee at the Good Shepherd on Queen St. near Parliament testified in court on the seventh day of Richard Kachkar’s murder trial that the now 46 year-old man appeared anxious during a conversation at approximately 7:30 p.m. on January 11th, 2011.

Sgt. Ryan Russell was run down by a stolen snowplow shortly after 6 a.m. January 12th, 2011 on Avenue Rd. near Davenport Rd. There is no dispute that Kachkar was driving the plow and court has heard that his state of mind at the time will be the central issue in his murder trial.

Kachkar has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and ...

Woodbine cuts over 100 jobs

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 2/13/2013 6:46:00 PM

Over a hundred Ontario horse race track employees are now looking for work.

Woodbine Entertainment Group says lower revenues have forced them to pink slip 109 salaried staffers at their Woodbine & Mohawk tracks. The company has also slashed "a significant number" of hourly jobs.

The province's Slots at the Racetrack Program is set to expire at the end of March.  While Woodbine Entertainment recently signed a deal for transition payments, the company says they will be much less than they pulled in through the old partnership.

Nancy, who works in Woodbine's mutuels department survived Wednesday's cut, but calls the mood at the track "horrible".

She says her co-workers have been on edge for months, through multiple rounds of job cuts, never sure if they were next to go.

This time, Nancy says it was mostly middle managers who were shown the door.  People in departments like security, food & beverage, ...

*EXCLUSIVE AUDIO* Rob Ford Defends Schedule

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 2/13/2013 5:59:00 PM

Rob Ford is again defending how much time he spends on his mayoral duties.

He tells Matt Gurney on the Live Drive, "When people say I don't work hard, I just laugh at it because I don't know any different".

The Globe & Mail has obtained the mayor's schedule from the last few months of 2012. It shows the mayor rarely did official city business after 3:30pm, it was blocked off as "private time".  His evenings were full of making calls & attending unnamed events.

Ford tells Gurney he is in action "non-stop" from the "crack of dawn", answering as many as 70 calls a day from Torontonians.  The mayor says he takes those calls about everything from snow removal to pot holes, at home & in the car.  Ford says he'll return a call as late as midnight if that's what is convenient for the other person, he will meet them wherever they ...

Horwath To Meet With Wynne

Posted By: Katie Franzios · 2/13/2013 5:43:00 PM

A week before the legislature gets up and running again, NDP leader Andrea Horwath has revealed she'll be meeting with the Premier Thursday afternoon.

Horwath says Kathleen Wynne requested the get together and the main topic of discussion will be the upcoming session.

Wynne will be giving her throne speech next week and Horwath says she plans to lay out ideas for the premier regarding accountability and making life more affordable.

While Horwath seems willing to work together with the premier, she continues to knock down the idea of a coalition government.

Councillor Del Grande hospitalized

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 2/13/2013 5:02:00 PM

Councillor Mike Del Grande has been hospitalized.

His office says it's not serious, saying he is undergoing "routine tests" and is "resting."

Staff say it is a "personal matter" and are not giving a reason for his hospitalization.

Del Grande recently stepped down as budget chief. He told Newstalk 1010 that he feels a lot of the pressure is off him now, that it was a very difficult job.

Gas Plant Debate Continues

Posted By: Katie Franzios · 2/13/2013 3:51:00 PM

The Tories at Queen's Park are alleging a member of the new premier's transition team is trying to dictate what is being done at the committee that will be looking into the Mississauga and Oakville gas plant cancellations.

PC House Leader Jim Wilson says former Liberal MPP Monique Smith met with himself and NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson last week.

Wilson says the two rejected putting parameters on the committee hearings and underlines house leaders don't tell their members what to do.

He calls the government action unacceptable.

Meantime, Wilson says isn't shutting the door on other contempt motions but underlines the province needs to be fully cooperative on the cancellations since it cost taxpayers $230 million.

Government House Leader John Milloy says he hadn't heard about anyone from the transition team approaching opposition parties regarding committee meetings.

Milloy refused to comment further, underlining he doesn't old house leader meetings ...

Vaughan still wants spot on mayor's executive committee

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 2/13/2013 3:27:00 PM

Councillor Adam Vaughan is not giving up on his bid to get on the mayor's executive committee.

He and two other councillors, Maria Augimeri and Vince Crisanti, had voiced interest in filling a hole that recently opened up on the committee.

It didn't seem likely that Vaughan, a big Ford critic, would have a chance.

On Wednesday morning, the striking committee nominated just one councillor to the position, right-leaning Crisanti. The committee will recommend to council that Crisanti fills the hole. That decision doesn't surprise Vaughan.

"The mayor gets to choose who's on the striking committee, so it tends to be people associated with the mayor," Vaughan says.

Vaughan will still put his name forward when the vote comes to council.

"We've seen what the mayor's striking committee wants, but at the end of the day it's up to council."

Vaughan says it's important to get as many viewpoints as ...

Councillors Ford and Stintz all smiles after meeting today

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 2/13/2013 3:07:00 PM

Two weeks ago, you could feel the tension between councillor Karen Stintz and the Fords. Today was a different story.

Stintz and the Fords have had their disagreements on the future of transit, and more recently over a contract for the operation of newsstands at subway stations.

On Newstalk 1010, the Fords blasted the transit commission, chaired by Stintz, for approving a sole-source deal that extended a $50-million contract for the operation of newsstands. Stintz had said the mayor had misunderstood the contract, but announced there would a third-party review.

On Wednesday morning, Councillors Doug Ford and Stintz were seen coming out of a short meeting together. And they were all smiles on their way out.

"We're going out for dinner tonight on a date," councillor Ford joked, to which Stintz replied, with a laugh, "No we're not, don't let my husband think that."

When asked what she and councillor ...

Mayor's allies defend his schedule

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 2/13/2013 2:53:00 PM

Councillor Doug Ford is coming to his brother's defence again, saying "that guy's busy" at work.

The Globe and Mail obtained documents showing the mayor's schedule from the last few months of 2012. The schedule shows the mayor rarely did official city business after 3:30 p.m., after which he would book "private" time. His evening were full of making calls and attending unnamed events.

Saying he hadn't read the article yet, councillor Ford told reporters, "They're trashing him again, probably."

"All I know is that guy's busy," councillor Ford says. "When you get 400 or 500 calls a day, and he tries to return them, what's he supposed to sit in a telephone booth in front of everyone and return them?"

Deputy mayor Doug Holyday is also coming to the mayor's defence.

"I think it's making something out of nothing," Holyday says.

"If the mayor does have private time during ...

VIDEO: ETFO Meeting Positive: Wynne

Posted By: Katie Franzios · 2/13/2013 1:14:00 PM

It lasted just a little over two hours and the Premier says she's optimistic after a meeting between her transition team, government officials, the elementary teacher union, directors of education and a representative from the Ontario Public School Boards Association.

This was all in an attempt to get the ball rolling on getting extra curricular activities back in schools.

Kathleen Wynne says the meeting was constructive and had a positive tone.

However, she underlines this is just the beginning of the conversation, with other meetings planned.

Education Minister Liz Sandals underlines these chats aren't about negotiating what the province can give teachers to bring extra curriculars back. She says the discussions are still in a preliminary phase.

She  says everyone involved has agreed schools need to be positive places.

Officials are meeting with the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) separately.

ETFO ...

Man Sentenced to 45 Days For Threatening TTC Employee

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 2/13/2013 12:18:00 PM

It will be 45 days in jail for a man who threatened to kill TTC employees.

It was back on February 11th of last year that an aggressive panhandler was spotted grabbing at customers, trying to pull them aside.

A TTC janitor asked the man to stop, telling him the police had been called.

The panhandler then chased the janitor into the Collector Booth and threatened to kill her. He also threatened to come back and kill the Station Collector.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of threatening death.

27 year old Munir Hudani pleaded guilty in College Park court and was sentenced to 45 days in jail and 18 months probation. During that time, he's not allowed in the station where the incident occurred and is now allowed on TTC vehicles or property while under the influence of non-prescription drugs or alcohol.

Sex Toys As Weapons?

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 2/13/2013 11:59:00 AM

You don't hear this every day.

A tow truck driver from Toronto wants an OPP officer fired after he claims he was threatened with a sex toy.

Back in March, the Province's Special Investigations Unit suggested there was grounds for Constable Ludgero Cafe to be charged with uttering a threat to cause bodily harm.

The tow truck driver's lawyer says the Crown withdrew criminal charges against the officer.

That can happen if the Crown determines there's no reasonable prospect of conviction.

Video taken inside the police station last March shows Cafe brandishing what appear to be sex toys at the driver, Jagdis Tirbany.

There is an exchange of words, and Tirbany is accused of having a big mouth and complete disregard for the law.

On the video, Cafe is seen briefly with what appears to be a sex toy in either hand, and saying ``which one do you want to ...

New Area Codes Coming to the GTA

Posted By: Suzette Francis · 2/13/2013 11:00:00 AM

If you think we have more than enough area codes in the Greater Toronto Area, you're sadly mistaken.

Starting March 25, two new area codes will be introduced in the GTA. In Toronto the 437 area code will be added to the already existing 416 and 647 ones, while the 365 area code will be added to the 905/289 region.

The new area codes are being added due to increasing demand for telephone numbers, especially wireless devices, that have created the need for additional numbers to serve customers in these regions.

The Canadian Numbering Administrator says new 437 and 365 area codes will provide additional telephone numbers with no impact on existing telephone numbers. The new area codes will coexist with the current ones and will come into effect as new telephone numbers are introduced.

"These new area codes reflect the growing use of cell phones and other mobile devices. ...

*UPDATE* Charges Laid in Teen's Death

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 2/13/2013 4:08:00 PM

Toronto Police are appealing for witnesses to help piece together the final moments of St. Aubyn Rodney's life.

The 15-year-old died after being shot in the stomach inside his apartment near Jane & Finch Monday night.

Toronto Police Detective Mike Carbone says St. Aubyn was with friends at the time.

A 17-year-old who can't be named has been charged with manslaughter.  He can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Carbone says an 18-year-old man & another boy are also charged with breach of recognizance.  Carbone wouldn't say if all of them were present when St. Aubyn was shot. 

Police had earlier said St. Aubyn's name couldn't be released under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, but the teen's parents have since given permission for him to be named.

Carbone wouldn't say what happened in the lead up to St. Aubyn being shot or qualify it as an accident.

The detective says ...

Ottawa the most adulterous city in Canada

Posted By: Michelle Rosa · 2/13/2013 6:00:00 AM

Ottawa is known for Parliament Hill, Winterlude and now, as the most adulterous city in Canada.

The founder and CEO of says Calgary is in second place, followed by Edmonton in third.

The results are based on the number of new signup's the website has gotten from cities across the country.

CEO Noel Biderman says it doesn't necessarily say anything bad about those cities, but it might say something about their free spirits.

The website's motto is: ``Life is short, have an affair.'

Matlow pushes for youth anti-violence strategy

Posted By: Michelle Rosa · 2/13/2013 6:11:00 AM

A 15 year old boy was killed on Monday night in the Jane St. and Finch area at a TCHC complex and there are questions whether this was a targeted or random shooting.

Either way, councillor Josh Matlow wants city council to address violence among youth in Toronto. He has been trying to push an anti-violence initiative before this shooting, but is now planning to ask municipal officials to create a youth violence strategy as well as more community groups and an anti-racism plan.

Matlow will ask city councillors to demand an update on the response from the city and the province regarding a 2008 report titled "Roots of Youth Violence."

This shooting also prompted NDP MP Olivia Chow to release a statement: "Sadly, he is the third youth killed by guns in Toronto this year. To prevent youth violence, we must do more."

Pope Benedict speaks to faithful at the Vatican

Posted By: Michelle Rosa · 2/13/2013 5:58:00 AM

Thousands of people flooded the Vatican's main audience hall Wednesday for Pope Benedict XVI's first public appearance since his bombshell resignation announcement, taking advantage of his second-to-last public audience before retiring at
the end of the month.

It's a busy day for Benedict, who will also preside over Ash Wednesday services later in the day to mark the official start of the Catholic Church's solemn Lenten season. The service is usually held in a church on Rome's Aventine hill, but was moved at the last minute to St. Peter's Basilica. The Vatican said the shift was made to accommodate the crowds, though it will also spare the 85-year-old pope the usual procession to the church.

Hours before Benedict was due to appear, long lanes snaked out into St. Peter's Square of people waiting to pass through metal detectors to get into the audience hall.
Pope Benedict XVI told ...

UPDATE: California police believe body of ex-cop is inside charred cabin

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 2/13/2013 6:13:00 AM

A sheriff's spokeswoman says charred human remains have been found in the burned-out cabin where a fugitive former Los Angeles police officer was believed to be.

San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Jodi Miller says the remains were found late Tuesday after a shootout that killed one sheriff's deputy and injured another.

Authorities believe Christopher Dorner barricaded himself inside the cabin and a fire later ensued. A single gunshot was heard coming from within the cabin. Investigators will attempt to determine if the remains are Dorner's through forensic tests.

Thousands of officers had been on the hunt for the former navy reservist since police said he launched a campaign to exact revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department for his firing. Police say Dorner began his run on Feb. 6 after they connected the slayings of a former police captain's daughter and her fiance with an angry Facebook rant they said ...

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