Kachkar Didn't Remember Morning Sgt. Russell Died

Posted By: Russ Courtney · 2/22/2013 10:48:00 PM

During the first 10 days of a trial that will come down to the “state of mind” of Richard Kachkar, witnesses took the jury through their interactions with the man who killed Toronto Police Sgt. Ryan Russell in January 2011.

On the 11th day court, heard from Kachkar himself.

The crown entered a statement into evidence that Kachkar gave to police January 25th 2011, about two weeks after Russell’s death and it marked the first time that the jury heard the voice of the man on trial for first degree murder and dangerous driving.

Wearing an orange prison jumpsuit with a sling, Kachkar rambles through personal details of his life like his adoption, growing up in Edmonton, and how he felt rejected by his wife and two children in St. Catharines.

He told Det. Dan Nielson and Det. Mary Vruna that he didn’t remember much from the morning ...

Man Rushed to Hospital After Skiing Accident at Earl Bales Park

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 2/22/2013 10:28:00 PM

Not much is known after an apparent skiing accident in North York.

A 41-year-old man was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries after an incident at Earl Bales Ski Park Friday night.

EMS officials say the man did have a pulse when he was transported to a local trauma centre.

It's unclear exactly what happened at this point in time, paramedics say it doesn't appear anyone saw what happened.

Audio: Richard Kachkar Police Statement

Posted By: Russ Courtney · 2/22/2013 6:31:00 PM

The following is audio and a transcript entered into evidence in the first degree murder trial of 46 year-old Richard Kachkar.

He has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and dangerous driving in the death of Toronto Police Sgt. Ryan Russell on January 12th, 2011.

This is part of a conversation between Kachkar and Det. Mary Vruna and Det. Dan Nielsen on January 25th, 2011.


KACHKAR: I know I did something wrong. I know I did something wrong, I did something stupid. I'm having a hard time recalling it. I’m mixed up. I've never had a pol’- I've always had highest regards for police and all my - and all things. I always even wanted to be police. But why – you know why would I do that? And even if it was let's say, you know, it could of been anybody. It could. It could of been ...

Duffy Says He'll Pay Back Expenses

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 2/22/2013 5:33:00 PM

Embattled Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy says he ``may have made a mistake'' when he claimed a housing allowance that he
now says he plans to pay back.

Duffy showed up Friday at the CBC's studios in Charlottetown, where he promptly admitted in an interview that he erred in filling out the claim form and was wrong to claim the allowance.

He said both the forms and the rules that govern them are vague and confusing.

``Until the rules are clear, and they're not clear now; the forms are not clear and I hope the Senate will redo the forms to
make them clear, I will not claim a housing allowance,'' Duffy said.

``It's become a major distraction, so my wife and I discussed it and we decided that in order to turn the page to put all of this
behind us, we are going to voluntarily pay back my living ...

UPDATE: Wynne: Commitment to future bargaining bringing back sports, clubs

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 2/22/2013 9:30:00 PM

After months of darkened gyms & empty sports fields after class, it looks like public high school students are about to get their extracurricular activities back.

On Friday, The Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation voted to recommend that their members "suspend their political action" against the government.

Many OSSTF members have refused to coach sports teams or to moderate clubs in protest of Bill 115 & the contracts that were eventually forced on them.

The Premier called it a "very good day for young people in the province".  Kathleen Wynne acknowledged that some teachers may opt not to pick up extracurriculars again, but she thinks "the vast majority" will.

Does the stand down by high school teachers mean their elementary counterparts will do the same?  Wynne says the government has had talks with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario with commitments that mirror those made to OSSTF.

ETFO President Sam Hammond has ...

Rob Ford Wants $116, 000 From Magder

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 2/22/2013 1:23:00 PM

116 thousand dollars.

That's what it cost Mayor Rob Ford to keep that title of Mayor.

Ford's lawyer submitted the costs to the Divisional Court last week, outlining 107 thousand dollars in legal fees and more than 93 hundred dollars (plus HST) for other expenses.

The demand is not outlandish, considering Paul Magder asked for almost 150 thousand dollars in costs after his win in the original trial.

That's despite the highly promoted fact that his Lawyer, Clayton Ruby was taking the case pro-bono.

Municipal Affairs Lawyer John Mascarin, a partner with Aird and Berlis in Toronto, says this is the first step in the process.

He says he expects Clayton Ruby to come back, calling the costs unreasonable, and try and get them whittled down to a more palatable level.

Mascarin says most of the 'horse trading' will be done by submissions, but it could eventually end up back ...

*UPDATE* 5 People Injured in Whitby Shooting

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 2/22/2013 12:05:00 PM

Police have released a little more information when it comes to a shooting inside a Whitby apartment building on Thursday.

Durham Regional Police now say there were 5 victims in all, with the last person taken to hospital, injured by shrapnel.

And we now know where the actual shooting happened: inside an elevator on the 3rd floor.

All victims are in their teens, between 17 and 19 years old.

As Newstalk1010 pointed out on Thursday, a 19 year old man from Whitby was airlifted to Toronto hospital in critical condition.

He's gone through surgery, and is still in critical condition.

The other three gunshot victims, a 19 year old man from Scarborough, a 19 year old from Toronto and a 17 year old were all treated for serious injuries. One of those victims has already been released from hospital.

Officers now say they are looking for 3 or 4 men, ...

York U Lions Coach Charged with Child Luring

Posted By: Suzette Francis · 2/22/2013 10:10:00 AM

A recruiter and running back coach with the York Lions Football team has been arrested and charged in connection with a child luring investigation.

Police say they arrested a man in connection with the investigation on Thursday.

Police say between December 2012 and February 2013, the accused engaged a 16-year-old boy through cell phone and internet chats.

During their conversations, the victim sent images of himself to the accused using his cell phone.

Daniel Younis, 24, of Toronto, has been charged with:

1) Luring a Child Under 18
2) Attempt Make Child Pornography

He  is scheduled to make a court appearance on Friday.

Police believe there may be more victims.

Meanwhile York University has issued a statement that they have been made aware of the investigation and are deeply disturbed by the allegations.

The university says they have suspended their relationship with Younis and are cooperating with police.

Pistorius Granted Bail

Posted By: Suzette Francis · 2/22/2013 9:33:00 AM

Oscar Pistorius was granted bail Friday, paving the way for him to be freed from custody pending his trial in the Valentine's Day shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair made the ruling Friday after four days of arguments from prosecution and defence in Pistorius' bail hearing, and after spending about one hour and 45 minutes announcing his decision.

Nair said Pistorius' affidavit, in which he gave his version of the events of the shooting on morning of Feb. 14 in a sworn statement, had helped his application for bail in Pretoria Magistrate's Court.

Pistorius' supporters shouted "Yes'' when the magistrate made his ruling. Nair then ordered a court break before establishing the terms of the bail.

Bail for the Olympian has been set at $1-million South African Rand ($115-thousand CAD). He must also surrender all firearms, avoid airports and witnesses.

Pistorius shot and killed Steenkamp ...

Toronto Police Searching TCHC Properties

Posted By: Amber Gero · 2/22/2013 8:44:00 AM

NewsTalk 1010 has learned that Toronto Police have been conducting searches of all Toronto Community Housing Properties.  A source tells NewsTalk 1010 that officers have been searching all of the common areas of buildings and complexes looking for drugs and guns, and they’ve found them.

According to the source, police have already seized a number of handguns, sawed of shot guns and drugs which were found hidden in air ducts, ceiling tiles and storage areas. 

Police had begun searching properties in 23 Division, which is located in the Finch and Kipling area, Thursday. 15-year-old Jarvis Montaque was gunned down while standing outside his Toronto Community Housing unit on Sunday. Police are still searching for his killer.

While these sweeps are being conducted across the city the majority are expected to be completed by the end of the day Friday.



Flu vaccine proves ineffective in protecting seniors

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 2/22/2013 6:10:00 AM

It seems that this year's flu vaccine did very little to protect seniors from the H3N2 strain, a particularly nasty form of the bug.

The US Centres for Disease Control doesn't know why but the vaccine only proved to be 9 percent effective in people over 65 against the most severe strain and 27 percent against all 3 strains.  

Amongst all age groups, the effectiveness rate was 56 percent. 

Even that was lower than what it has been seen in other years.

(with files from Dave Agar)

Snow & Freezing Rain Could Make Afternoon Drive Tricky

Posted By: Suzette Francis · 2/22/2013 5:44:00 AM

The Friday afternoon commute could be a tricky one with snow and freezing rain in the mix.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement advising motorists that snow will begin to push in to Windsor early Friday morning and then head into the Greater Toronto Area later into the afternoon.

The weather agency says we could see about 2 to 5 cm of snow.

There is also a risk of freezing rain for southwestern Ontario in the
afternoon, and into the night for areas from Lake Huron to Lake Ontario.
There is the potential that the freezing drizzle could last several hours
before changing to showers as temperatures rise above zero, which could make untreated surfaces become icy and slippery making for hazardous travelling conditions.

The advisory extends from Windsor to Oshawa and north to Caledon,  Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham.

Pete Townshed throws F-Bomb at 7-year old Hamilton fan

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 2/22/2013 4:20:00 AM

The Who's Pete Townsend is pushing 70 and apparently getting cranky.

A video on the Toronto Sun website shows Townshend playing concert this week at Hamilton's Copps Coliseum.

Between sets, 7-year old Janey Costello and her dad, Eric, made their way closer to the stage from their seats in the 15th row

A family made space for the pair in their isle and Janey sat on her dad's shoulders, holding up a sign she painted for her rock hero that said:

Smash Your Guitar, Pete!

Apparently Townshend took exception, thinking Janey's dad was 'using' her to get close to the stage.

After telling the two not to 'wave the sign' at him, he told Eric that "I want to tell you two words, but I can't because you have a child on you."

After that, Townshend mouthed the words "F--- OFF" -- to loud cheers from the crowd.

Janey is ...

AUDIO: Toronto closer to becoming a 'sanctuary' for undocumented residents

Posted By: James Moore · 2/22/2013 12:10:00 AM

City Council has taken a step that allows undocumented residents to have open access to city services without fear of being turned in to Immigration authorities.

On Thursday, councillors voted to order staffers to invesitgate ways to build such a policy.

Similar rules are in place in American cities like New York City and Chicago but Toronto is the first city in Canada to have a so-called 'sanctuary' policy.

Immigration lawyer Guidy Mamman tells NEWSTALK 1010's Friendy Fire that the vast majority of Toronto's estimated 200,000 undocumented residents are hard-working and productive.

"The idea of taking out a population like that, putting them on planes and sending them out of the country and expecting this city to continue to function as if nothing happened is a fantasy," he says.

Current Federal law states that undocumented migrants are subject to detention or deportation if they are discovered.

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