Petition asks Rob Ford to step down as mayor

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 11/28/2012 9:29:00 PM

Rob Ford has vowed to fight "tooth and nail" to keep his job as mayor.

But a group calling itself Concerned Citizens of Toronto is asking him to accept Justice Charles Hackland's ruling & clear out the mayor's desk.

Ford will be in court December 5th asking for a stay of the decision. An appeal process will get going January 7th.

Concerned Citizens of Toronto says Rob Ford's poor judgement is putting the city's economic stability at risk.

They have created an online petition & letter-writing campaign asking the Rob Ford to step down to protect Toronto's economic future.

They argue Ford's leadership has lead to a "perception of corruption" that could damage short and long-term investments in the city & stunt job growth.  The group says the longer the mayor's legal fight drags on, the more the perception will grow.

No Changes to Toronto Holiday Shopping

Posted By: Russ Courtney · 11/28/2012 8:13:00 PM

After months of talk, Toronto city council has decided to stick to the status quo when it comes to holiday shopping.

In a vote of 36-7 council decided to take no action on recommendations from staff that retailers be allowed to open on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day.

The Executive Committee had recommended opening on Victoria Day.

The ruling from council means that unless retailers are in designated zones allowed to open on holidays, they must remain closed on all nine statutory holidays a year.

300 laid off Ford employees called back to work

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 11/28/2012 6:22:00 PM

300 laid off Ford workers in Oakville are getting the chance to go back to work.

The assembly plant is adding a 3rd shift, negotiated in the CAW's agreement with the automaker.

Ford says demand for cars built in Oakville prompted the move.

There are still about 220 employees on layoff from the closure of Ford's St. Thomas plant last September.  They get 1st priority.

Ford has about 800 employees on layoff. It agreed in negotiations to investments that could create about 600 new jobs in Oakville.

(Files from The Canadian Press)

2 Toronto boys missing

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 11/28/2012 5:53:00 PM

Toronto Police are asking for your help to track down 2 missing boys.

17-year-old Matthew Hind-Powell hasn't been seen since Tuesday at noon near Lake Shore Blvd & Islington Av.

He's white, 6'4 with a thin build.  He's unshaven with blond, straggly hair & blue eyes.  He was last seen wearing a green & grey sweatshirt, a black & white cap & black& white shoes.

The hunt is also on 11-year-old Future Kaakunga.

He was last seen Wednesday near Bathurst & Davenport.  Kaakunga is black, 5'1 with a stocky build.

If you know where Matthew Hind-Powell or Future Kaakunga are, contact police or Crime Stoppers.

U of T waterless toilet project gets $ boost

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 11/28/2012 5:25:00 PM

A team of University of Toronto engineers is getting a cash boost to develop a waterless toilet.

The team has received a $2.2-million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to keep working on a toilet intended for the developing world.

The 15-month grant comes after the team placed 3rd in the Foundation's "Reinventing the Toilet Challenge."

The goal is to build a self-contained toilet that works without running water, a sewer system or electricity & costs no more
than 5 cents/day, per user.

Professor Yu-Ling Cheng's team is using a sand filter & UV disinfection to process liquid waste & a smoulder chamber, similar to a charcoal
barbecue to incinerate solid waste that's been flattened & dried in a roller-belt assembly.

The next stage involves work to simplify the process, reduce the mechanical complexity & minimize odour.

The team hopes to have a working prototype by December 2013.


Patients increasingly recording doctors' visits

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 11/28/2012 5:02:00 PM

Doctors are increasingly becoming the stars of hidden camera videos taken by their patients.

Sally Bean, an ethicist & policy advisor at Sunnybrook Hospital says patients are hitting record to capture evidence of everything from a noisy office to their concerns being dismissed.

The trend has prompted Sunnybrook to redraw its policy on video & audio recording.  While still in the draft phase, the big piece is that patients can't record their doctors without their express consent.

Bean says when health care providers find out they've been taped without knowing, they feel hurt & that trust with their patient has been broken.  She says trust is the bigger issue & hiding a camera on your doctor is really a sign of an impaired trust relationship.

Newstalk 1010 medical correspondent Dr Mitch Shulman can't really see the value in hitting record in your doctor's office or the ER.

Shulman says recordings can easily be ...

Second Man Charged in First Murder of 2012.

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 11/28/2012 4:29:00 PM

A 23 year old Toronto man is facing charges in the first murder of 2012.

It was back on January 1st, at 4 in the morning that a man was shot to death.

4 days later cops charged 22 year old Baptists Bernier, of Toronto and charged him with Second Degree Murder.

Then, on Wednesday, 23 year old Mauro Granados-Arana was arrested while already in custody and he too has been charged with second degree murder.

Police are still requesting any witnesses who were at the party at the time of the victim's death to come forward.

Canada Wide Warrant Issued for Gas and Dash Suspect

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 11/28/2012 4:23:00 PM

Another missed court date for a 22 year old man has led to Police issuing a Canada Wide Warrant for his arrest.

Abdullahi Mohamoud is wanted in the death of a 62 year old gas station attendant last spring in Mississauga.

The incident happened in May of 2011, when the victim was working at a gas station near Truscott Drive and Southdown Road.

Police say someone stopped before the gas station, and the driver was seen covering up the licence plates.

Cops say he then pulled into the station pumped gas, and then attempted to take off without paying.

The victim tried to stop him from leaving, but was struck by the vehicle and died of his injuries.

Mohamoud was arrested on October 16th, 2011.

He was then sent to Alberta, where he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

Mohamoud was also supposed to be in court on August 6th ...

Toronto Maple Leafs worth $1-billion

Posted By: Siobhan Morris · 11/28/2012 3:46:00 PM


According to Forbes Magazine, that's how much the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth, the 1st NHL franchise to hit that mark.

At Yonge & St. Clair, 1 Leafs fan called the valuation "a bunch of hooey".  He doesn't think a team who hasn't won a championship since 1967 should be worth that much.

Fans are resentful that Leafs tickets are still among the most expensive in the league as the team makes money hand over fist.  They say the Leafs can obviously afford to cut ticket prices whenever hockey re-starts.

The 2nd richest NHL team is the New York Rangers, worth $250-million less than the Leafs.

Together the Leafs, Rangers & Habs account for 83% of the NHL's income, with Toronto the most profitable franchise at $81.9-million.

(With files from the Associated Press)

Funding For The Danzig Street Community

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 11/28/2012 3:28:00 PM

Finally, some good news for the neighbourhood around Danzig Street.

A Toronto resident announced a funding boost for the area today, donating 150 thousand dollars over 3 years to support resident-developed initiatives.

Those initiatives include creating safe spaces for children, helping children and youth reach academic excellence, and supporting adults seeking to achieve their employment and career goals.

The Scarborough Boys and Girls club will act as a trustee for the money, with the City checking in to monitor the progress.

Akanimo Udofia is the Group Managing Director/CEO of Desicon Group.

Through Desicon Group, Udofia has funded scholarship programs and also sponsors the annual Athletics Federation of Nigeria. In 2009, he sponsored a team of 58 American medical professionals to provide health care in Nigeria.

(Photos Courtesy R. Courtney)

*UPDATE* Lockdown at Seneca College King Campus

Posted By: Dave Bradley · 11/28/2012 4:41:00 PM

York Regional Police say the King Campus of Seneca College has been safely evacuated after a threat was called in earlier on Wednesday afternoon.

The school was originally placed under a lockdown after the call came in around 2pm for what police say was a 'threat'.

They wouldn't say whether the threat was weapons related or explosives related.

So far there have been no injuries reported.

Evening classes have been cancelled, but there's no word yet on what will happen with classes for tomorrow.

Cops continue to search the property.

Kouvalis would offer help to Fords in byelection

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 11/28/2012 1:45:00 PM

Councillor Doug Ford is not denying rumours that he would run for mayor in a byelection if his brother couldn't. He's not confirming the rumours either, saying his priority right now is to keep his brother on the mayor's seat.

But no matter which Ford would run if there is a byelection, they would once again have access to Rob Ford's weapon from the last campaign.

Ford's win two years ago was called by Maclean's magazine the "most improbable mayoral victory" in recent Canadian history. The man credited with making that happen is former campaign manager Nick Kouvalis.

Kouvalis joined the Jerry Agar Show this morning, saying he would be back if one of the Fords ran in a byelection.

"If they ask me to serve, I will serve," Kouvalis says. "But even if they didn't ask me to serve, I'm going to serve.

"This cause it too important."

Kouvalis says ...

Toronto Plastic Bag Ban Off The Table

Posted By: Newstalk 1010 · 11/28/2012 12:31:00 PM

For the time being, the plastic bag ban is off the table in Toronto.

City Councilors voted 38-7 to not implement the bag ban, as scheduled on January 1st.

The exact details are confidential, but on New Year’s Day, you will be able to get a bag, and the city won't be forcing you to pay for it either.

Council has been forced to keep quiet in this decision because of a pair of lawsuits trying to overturn the ban.

Staff is expected to report back to council in June and supporters of a ban hope that report could help lead to another chance to implement a ban.


Garneau Joins Federal Liberal Leadership Race

Posted By: Suzette Francis · 11/28/2012 10:03:00 AM

Former astronaut Marc Garneau has joined the race to become leader of the federal Liberals.
The Montreal MP made the announcement at a news   conference in his home riding Wednesday morning.
Garneau joins a crowded field that includes fellow Montreal MP, and leadership favourite, Justin Trudeau.
The 63-year-old Garneau was first elected to the House of Commons in 2008 and was re-elected in 2011.
The Quebec City native became the first Canadian in space when he flew aboard the Challenger shuttle in 1984.
Garneau served as president of the Canadian Space Agency from 2001 to 2005 before jumping into politics.

(The Canadian Press)

Presto Fare Cards to be Implemented in all TTC Stations

Posted By: Suzette Francis · 11/28/2012 9:56:00 AM

Commuters in the Greater Toronto Area will soon be able to navigate eight separate municipal transit systems as well as the regional GO Transit system using a single fare card.
Transit officials say the regional Presto card will cover the Toronto Transit Commission by 2016, adding to a network that already includes transit systems from Hamilton to Durham Region.
Ontario Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli calls the move "a tremendous technological step forward'' for Canada's busiest transit hub.
He joined TTC brass at a news conference this morning where they also announced the signing of a light rail transit deal between the commission and Metrolinx, the province's transit agency.
The master agreement will be in effect for the next 10 years regardless of who leads the provincial or municipal governments.
The 24 kilometres of LRT will roll out in 2020 on ...

UPDATE: Doug Ford not confirming or denying rumours he would run

Posted By: Justine Lewkowicz · 11/28/2012 11:10:00 AM

There have been rumours that councillor Doug Ford would run for mayor if his brother couldn't take part in a byelection.

On the Jerry Agar Show on Newstalk 1010 Wednesday morning, councillor Ford wouldn ot confirm or deny the rumours.

"Let's cross that bridge when we get to it," councillor Ford says.

Councillor Ford says his brother is his priority right now.

"Rob's the mayor and I'm going to do everything I can to help Rob continue being the mayor and delivering the services," he says.

If Rob Ford loses his appeal, councillor Doug Ford says that a byelection is the only way forward.

"Let the people decide," councillor Ford says.

The Toronto Star had claimed that should Rob Ford be denied the ability to run for mayor again until 2014, Doug Ford would run for mayor in a byelection and Rob Ford would try to run for the Progressive Conservatives in the next Ontario election.

The city ...

Third Party to Mediate NHL Labour Talks

Posted By: Michelle Rosa · 11/28/2012 5:51:00 AM

Talks between the N-H-L and N-H-L Players' Association resume Wednesday with the help of an impartial third party.

The two sides are expected to meet separately with U-S federal mediators in an effort to end the labour dispute that's now in its 11th week. The mediation will be non-binding, meaning the sides will not be forced to go along with suggestions or recommendations made by mediators Scot L. Beckenbaugh and John Sweeney.

Allowing U-S federal mediators into the process was something the N-H-L tried without success on a couple of occasions prior to the cancellation of the 2004-05 season. In fact, Beckenbaugh sat in on sessions at that time, including one just three days before commissioner Gary Bettman cancelled the entire season in February 2005.

The N-H-L lockout has so far forced the league to cancel 422 regular-season games, plus the January 1st Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium and the ...

Americans Rush to Buy Powerball Tickets

Posted By: Michelle Rosa · 11/28/2012 5:36:00 AM

Visions of lifelong riches are surely dancing in the heads of those rushing to buy lottery tickets for tonight's $500-million Powerball jackpot.

Past winners of mega-lottery drawings and financial planners have some more sound advice: stick to a budget, invest wisely, learn to say no and be prepared to lose friends while riding an emotional roller-coaster.

Tales of big lottery winners who wind up in financial ruin or other desperate straits are increasingly common. A two-time New Jersey lottery winner squandered her $5.4 million
fortune. A West Virginia man who won $315 million a decade ago on Christmas later said the windfall was to blame for his granddaughter's fatal drug overdose and his divorce.

(The Associated Press)

VIDEO: Rob Ford's football team defeated in GTA final

Posted By: James Moore · 11/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

Rob Ford and his Don Bosco Eagles were not able to channel the Grey Cup-winning form of the Toronto Argonauts in their championship game against Newmarket's Huron Heights Secondary Warriors.

Don Bosco started the game flat-footed and turned the ball over several times, allowing the Warriors to lead by a pair of touchdowns early on.

Despite ramping up their play early in the second half, the hole dug by Eagles fumbles and penalties was just too big to get out of.

Huron Heights went on to win by a score of 28-14, clinching the GTA's high school football championship.

The game -- dubbed the 'Metro Bowl' -- was played at Rogers Centre in front of a crowd of roughly 600.

Supporters from both schools were in the stands, as well as Toronto residents who had no attachment to either team.

Many came out to support Rob Ford in the wake ...

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