• Thursday, April 17 Commentary

    There are so many irritating or infuriating stories in the news this morning, I barely know where to begin.  It could be just about anywhere so let's take aim at the driver's ed system in Ontario...what appears to be a total lack of control over the people who teach our kids to drive under the guise of a driver's education licence.

    A Toronto Star investigation has determined that in the last 3 years,  3-hundred of these so-called instructors have been turfed.  More than a third of them dumped because the had too many demerit points for their own lousy driving abilities.  86 ...

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  • Wednesday, April 16 Commentary

    Welcome to the coldest April 16th on record in Toronto.

    Environment Canada says the temperature at Pearson reached minus 6.4 an hour ago.  The all time record low was minus 5.6 set in 1980.

    The good news we are in the early phase of a warming trend and by Easter Sunday we're looking at a high of 18.

    At this point it looks like daytime highs will generally be in the low teens until at least the end of the month.

    It probably got a little cold for tens of thousands of residents for a couple of hours last night.  The power went out at 9pm and wasn't fully restored until after 11.

    Generally it...

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  • Tuesday, April 15 Commentary

    It reads like a Stephen King horror story but this is no fiction.

    A Toronto Star investigation has found that at more than 300 nursing homes in Ontario,  helpless seniors...perhaps even someone you know and love...are being dosed with prescription drugs to keep them calm...drugs that are risky and threaten to premature kill those with dementia.

    The Star has found that at about 300 nursing homes,  more than a third of the residents are on these powerful antipsychotic drugs.  At more than 40 homes...about half the residents are on the drugs, which are not approved by Health Canada f...

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  • Monday, April 14 Commentary

    An slap-in-the-face reminder of our winter just passed will be back to haunt us overnight up till at about noon tomorrow.

    Environment Canada has posted a special weather statement that extends from Windsor to Cornwall and north to Burk's Falls, including all of the Greater Toronto Area.

    Basically the message is:  ice pellets overnight and into early tomorrow morning, possibly mixed with freezing rain.   Here in the GTA by around 8 tomorrow morning, the ice pellets will change over to snow....a few centimetres...possibly as much as 4 centimetres.  There probably won't be much,...

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  • Thursday, April 11 Commentary

    It's been just over 18 hours since former federal finance minister Jim Flaherty collapsed and died in his condo in the Byward Market area of Ottawa and the sadness at his loss is palpable on Parliament Hill, at Queen's Whitby and beyond.

    In the House of Commons today, it is expected that Question Period will be suspended to give MP's on both sides of the House the opportunity to pay tribute to the 64-year old who stepped away from cabinet just 3 weeks ago.  The MP's are likely to wear green in his honour.

    As the various politicians made their statements yesterday, it struck me tha...

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  • Tuesday, April 8 Commentary

    The Quebec Provincial Election.  It will almost certainly become a primer for how not to run a campaign.

    Premier Pauline Marois and her Parti Quebecois blew it big time last night....knocked out of power and handing Philip Couillard and his Liberals a majority government just 18 months after the Liberals were turfed for alleged corruption.  Add the fact that Couillard is a rookie leader, you know Marois and her team bunged this up.

    The turning point came almost right out of the gate, pretty well the day she trotted our her star candidate, wealthy media mogul Pierre Karl Peladeau who im...

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  • Friday, April 4 Commentary

    Spectator sports top the news this morning.

    The Leafs faint playoff hopes are still alive after the team defeated Boston in overtime last night.

    The Blue Jays have brought in former ace Roy Halladay to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for tonight's home opener against the Yankees.

    Rob Ford thinks he's free and clear...but that's not true.

    The Leafs and Jays, I'll leave that to our sports director Mike Toth.

    Rob Ford.  That's my baliwick.

    "I knew the day would come that I would be cleared and I guess that today's the day."

    That was the mayor's response after hearing that the OPP has withdrawn...

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  • Thursday, April 3 Commentary

    The Rob Ford crack video is front and centre this morning.  Specifically the extortion surrounding that video.

    The Toronto Star is reporting a schism between Toronto Police investigators and the OPP detective recently brought on board to act as liaison to the OPP Commissioner overseeing the probe.

    Basically the story is that Toronto police allege that Sandro Lisi was trying to extort the man who had possession of the video.   Those detectives were trying to see if extortion went up any higher, perhaps into the mayor's office.  Perhaps a conspiracy.

    The OPP Detective seems to t...

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  • Wednesday, April 2 Commentary

    One crash. No injuries but that's enough for Chrysler to announce this morning it is recalling 870,000 thousand Jeep Grand Cherokee's and Dodge Durango's...model years 2011 to 2014.

    There is a design flaw on the brake booster...which is basically an enhanced master cylinder for the brakes.    The booster can fail because of corrosion....which would make it more difficult but not impossible to apply the brakes.

    Meanwhile, General Motors is back on Capital Hill in Washington today...this time before a subcommittee of the Senate on the fact that GM knew for a decade about a faulty ig...

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  • Tuesday, April 1 Commentary

    Supermarkets in Ontario will get the green light today to request LCBO Express outlets in their stores owned and operated by the LCBO.

    Provincial Finance Minister Charles Sousa has an LCBO announcement at 1 this afternoon and the Globe and Mail has been told that he'll put out Requests for Proposals to the supermarkets.

    Skeptics would suggest the Liberals are just trying to flash shiny objects in front of your eyes to distract you from the latest coverup allegations in the gas plant scandal.

    If that's the motivation, it won't work.   The Liberals dropped a grenade into the gas plant st...

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  • Monday, March 31 Commentary

    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has made it very clear to PC leader Tim Hudak and his party that "if steps are not taken immediately" she will have no choice but to take "all encessary and appropriate steps" to ensure Hudak's false comments are corrected.  She is not explicit but there's no doubt she means suing him for defamation.

    Wynne is referring to the PC leader's allegation of last week that she personally oversaw the destruction of documents in the gas plant scandal and the alleged coverup.

    Hudak sent out his energy critic Lisa McLeod to respond via conference call with reporters

    At no...

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  • March 28th Commentary

    Gas plant cover up?

    The stuff really hit the fan yesterday over the apparent cover up of the McGuinty government's gas plant scandal. As well it should, but there's political spin in this that I find reprehensible. Basically Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak is trying to paint the Premier of this province as a criminal and there's not a shred of evidence presented thus far to back up the claim.

    So let me strip this down.

    We knew 9 months ago that at the request of the PC's at Queen's Park the OPP had launched a criminal investigation into allegations of a cover up because emails were deleted and oth...

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  • March 27th Commentary


    Did you catch the first Mayor's debate yesterday? No. I didn't think so.

    Who at CITY-TV thought it would be a good idea to hold a debate at 5 o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon when most people have just left work and are stuck in traffic or on transit trying to get home.

    I wasn't too crazy about the format. Those segments where it was a free-for-all? I couldn't hear what was being said most of the time. Gord Martineau should have moderated the debate. He was after all the moderator but he largely stood to the side as candidates strayed way off topic.

    There was a tweet sent out near...

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  • March 26th Commentary


    Perhaps the biggest lead so far in the search for that Malaysian jetliner.

    As heard on our breaking news an hour ago, French satellites have spotted 1-hundred-22 objects in the south Indian Ocean.

    Some of the pieces are about 3 feet long. Others are 70 feet long.

    They cover a 4-hundred-square kilometre area. These satellite shots were taken 3 days ago.

    Malaysia's acting Transport Minister stresses that the debris still hasn't been linked to the jet and cannot be until those pieces are recovered.

    Atlantic storm

    If you have a flight booked this morning for Atlantic Canada or into Maine ...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 25th Commentary

    Olivia Chow

    Beware Olivia Chow! The Toronto Mayoralty hopeful has been fast off the mark laying out transit plans. In this case lets call these plans "hasty". They are not well thought out.

    I complained last week about her decision to boost rush-hour bus service on major routes by 10 percent because what she intends to do is keep old buses in service past their retirement dates.

    We don't need rickety old buses cramming up major arterial roads when people are trying to get to work or home.

    Then yesterday Chow was expounding on her plan to reverse the decision to reverse the decision to reverse ...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 24th Commentary

    Malaysia Plane

    While you slept, two international spotter planes saw objects in the Indian Ocean within the perimeter of the zone being searched for the missing Malaysian jetliner.

    First we heard that a Chinese plane spotted two large objects and several smaller white objects in the water.

    Then just over an hour ago, another find.

    Australian search aircraft have seen two pieces of debris in the search area.

    The circular object is grey or green. The rectangular object is orange.

    The presumption is that the objects found by the Australian plane are not the same as the objects spotted by the Chin...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 21st Commentary

    Drinking and driving

    There's no need to hit the panic button but there's some new research that should be closely examined which basically says the older you get the less able you are to handle alcohol....something which has been assumed for years.

    The important element to this study is that it shows older drivers' skills behind the wheel deteriorate even with just one drink.

    Their ability to keep the car in the lane and their ability to maintain their speed is reduced. The steering wheel was jerkier.

    Sara Jo Nixon at the University of Florida led the study and on the University's YouTube chan...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 20th Commentary

    Rooming house

    A deadly fire erupted inside a second floor rooming house in Kensington Market overnight.

    The result...two men dead. 10 more people were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.


    On the Danforth near Gledhill there's the Toronto Honda dealership, a Kia dealership nearby, a Petro Canada station, a social club, shops and bars.

    Sometime after 9 o'clock last night, gunfire rang out on the street outside the social club. When paramedics arrived one man lay dead. Another was on the edge. He was rushed to hospital where he died just after 3 this morning.

    Both had been shot several...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 19th Commentary


    Freezing rain

    It is looking more and more as though much of the Greater Toronto Area will miss the freezing rain.

    Radar indicates rain starting by mid-morning...around 9 or 10 and by that time it we should be above the freezing mark.

    If there is going to be freezing rain it would likely be in the northern half of the GTA from Caledon, King City, Gormley up into Newmarket and in the Uxbridge to Beaverton areas.

    There are freezing rain warnings up for those areas and beyond including Peterborough, Innisfill, Dufferin, Barrie, Orillia up to Burk's Falls and west.


    It's been nearly ...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 17th Commentary

    Carbon Monoxide

    After that extraordinary weather of Friday, the weekend turned bitterly cold in the Greater Toronto Area and for a family in Brampton it was particularly bad.

    Their furnace conked out. What do you do to stay warm?

    Someone in this family made a bad choice and as a result, half of them are dead.

    This horrific tragedy began to unfold around just before 2 this morning, on Linden Crescent, which is in the area of Highway 410 and Williams Parkway.


    This morning in Ukraine, the parliament of Crimea formally declared it's independence saying Ukrainian laws no longer apply and all...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 14th Commentary

    Dangerous trains

    It's time to turn up the heat on Toronto Fire Chief Jim Sale. Put his feet to the fire, so to speak. Time to demand to know how many tanker cars of dangerous goods pass through by rail in this city.

    CN Rail provided the stats to Toronto Fire at a meeting in December, at which several municipalities were the wake of the Lac Megantic rail disaster.

    On Wednesday, the fire chief of Hamilton revealed that 7 percent of the CN rail cars passing through his city last year contained dangerous goods.

    A public information officer for Toronto Fire has told the Star that she i...

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  • March 13th Commentary


    If you are driving this morning, the conditions are rife for your day to turn into a nightmare or worse.

    Highways are icy. Winds are howling so any salt that was put down has probably long blown away. It's so cold the ice isn't very effective anyway and then there are the idiots around you driving way too fast for the conditions. If you haven't seen them yet, you will in the ditches and guardrails.

    I went on a bit of a rant about this on Twitter.

    Transport Canada's decision to require automatic running daylights on vehicles has turned into a safety nightmare.

    As I am sure you are well ...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 12th Commentary


    The leading edge of a later winter snowstorm is on a door step.

    The temperature is right on the cusp so depending on where you are in the Greater Toronto Area you could be seeing rain or wet snow or a mix of both but as the temperature falls, it'll switch over completely to snow.

    The expectation for Toronto proper...10 centimetres. Lesser amounts as you head north.

    There will be blowing snow in strong gusty winds so visibility could be a problem.

    There are no weather warnings for the Greater Toronto Area yet...but there are in Hamilton and Niagara...out toward Waterloo and in eastern Ont...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 11th Commentary


    When it gets this late in the winter, storm systems are more difficult to read...mostly because of the temperatures as the storm advances.

    With that in mind, we are in for snow tomorrow and depending on exactly how the storm tracks we in the Greater Toronto Area could get anywhere from 5 to 15 centimetres. In Toronto proper it looks like 10 centimetres...but again that could vary...up or down.

    This storm will hit the entire southern half of the province...up to Orillia. Niagara is expecting to get hit hardest dumping as much as 25 centimetres of snow...or as little as 15.

    That same threa...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 10th Commentary


    This is one of those weird Monday mornings.

    March break, and the first day back at work after the switch to Daylight Saving Time.

    It means motorists and pedestrians who are sleepier than usual. It means a lot of kids will be out on the streets.

    We have the ingredients for more crashes and more pedestrians hit.

    In fact there's a deadly crash Jessica told you about on traffic off the top, on the 401 westbound collectors at Bayview.

    Generally speaking 50 to 60 percent of all traffic fatalities involve pedestrians but here in Toronto, for some reason, the numbers are significantly higher.

    So f...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 6th Commentary


    It's difficult not to be cynical about this but with an Ontario election widely expected in the spring, the Wynne Government will announce plans this morning aimed at showing voters the Premier is committed to transparency and accountability in government in how taxpayers money is spent.

    Much of this would require legislative changes and the way things normally crawl through Queen's Park, the bills could easily die on the order paper.

    It does however give Wynne the ability to stump for votes by saying if she is re-elected, especially with a majority, this is what will get done i...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 5th Commentary


    It would appear that Putin and Obama have stepped back from the brink of the crisis in Ukraine...the Russian invasion of Crimea.

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his European counterparts have gathered in Paris for discussions on how to resolve this crisis. More important, Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is also there. He'll be meeting separately with Secretary Kerry and this could be make it or break it time.

    Passive smoking

    The study was done a few years ago but not until this morning was it published for global distribution.

    It's about what parents who smoke are doing t...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 4th Commentary


    As heard on our breaking news an hour ago, Russian president Vladimir Putin held his first news conference since sending troops in to seize Crimea.

    He says it all stemmed from the uprising that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych from Ukraine...what Putin calls an "anti-constitutional coup and armed seizure of power" by "militants" intend on plunging Ukraine into "chaos.

    Putin claims Ukrainian "nationalists" and "anti-Semites" are roaming the streets of Kiev and other cities.

    Putin spoke as though Crimea were still part of Russia when in fact it was handed over to Ukraine in the ...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • March 3rd Commentary


    Without firing a single shot, the Russian military has seized control of Crimea, which is the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

    Russian soldiers by the thousands poured in there on the weekend surrounding Ukrainian military bases on the Peninsula. The ranking officers have tried to convince the Ukrainian officers to surrender. Russian state media say thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have done so, pledging allegiance to Crimea not Ukraine.

    It's clear the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich has convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin that Ukraine has been taken over by ultra-...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 28th Commentary

    Windchill warning

    Slowly but surely the windchill warnings that blanketed the entire southern half of the province last night are being lifted.

    The area is now much smaller...from Hamilton to Peterborough, north to Dufferin and Innisfill. That includes all communities within the Greater Toronto Area.

    The threshold for a wind chill warning is minus 30. Here in Toronto we have no reached that yet but it's still possible over the next couple of hours. The winds are not nearly as bad as they were yesterday and we can expect a mix of sun and cloud which could push the temperature up to a high of mi...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 27th Commentary

    Unlicensed daycare

    As any working family with young children knows there is a severe shortage of licensed daycare spots in Ontario...especially spots that are affordable.

    The result is that about 80 percent of children are dropped off at unlicensed daycare....often someone's house or apartment.

    These unlicensed places have virtually no overnight and the regulations are a joke, if only because they're unenforceable until and unless someone files a complaint with the proper authorities.

    Last summer you'll recall a 2-year old girl died in an unlicensed facility in Vaughan.

    In July, a 2-year old d...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 26th Commentary


    Who could forget those runaway Toyota's....that unnerving story about cars screaming down the highway the throttle wide open. That was scary.

    Now General Motors seems to have its own nightmare to contend with and if you drive a GM vehicle I'd suggest you listen.

    There's a problem with the ignition switch on at least 1.6-million GM cars and SUV's sold in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico from model years 2-thousand-3 to 2-thousand-7.

    The vehicles are Chevrolet Cobalts and HHR SUV's, Pontiac's Solstice and the G5 plus the Saturn Ion and Saturn Sky.

    "Essentially what happens here is the ignition can...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 24th Commentary


    By the time you go to lunch today there will be two so-called political heavyweights in the race to defeat Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto.

    John Tory and Karen Stintz will file their nomination papers at city hall...Tory at 8:30. Stintz at 10.

    Tory broke the news right here on NewsTalk1010 at 10:30 last night in an interview with News Director Kym Geddes.

    "What would be different for Toronto with John Tory as the Mayor?" Asked Geddes.

    "I think the thing that will be most different that people will notice is that we'll get things done. We will have less of the three ring circus," said ...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 21st Commentary


    The fear of widespread flooding through the southern half of the province hasn't really materialized but there are some low lying areas where you'll have to be careful.

    The northern half of the Greater Toronto Area is very icy this morning....the result: school boards have cancelled some school buses.

    We're just off the phone with Laurie who works at a Tim Horton's in Caledon.

    "I wouldn't say it's really bad. It's just ice covered, but it's not really, really bad. You just have to be cautious. I'd say it's slippery patches but it's not full ice."

    From west to east...the Halton Catholic boa...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 20th Commentary


    The bloodshed in Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine flared anew overnight despite a political truce declared by the Ukraine Government and the opposition parties.

    The protesters, many of whom have been encamped in Independence Square for months, are having none of it. They've armed themselves against police.

    Unofficially we are hearing no fewer than 18 people killed this morning...perhaps as many as 21....with scores more wounded or injured by rocks and stun grenades.

    On NewsTalk 1010's Moore in the Morning, Globe and Mail reporter Paul Waldie in Kiev talked about how it was quiet ar...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 14th Commentary


    The Wynne Liberals were shutout of both provincial byelections last night...losing the Liberal riding of Niagara Falls to the NDP while the PC's held on to Thornhill.

    NDP leader Andrea Horwath who has propped up this minority government has a message for Premier Kathleen Wynne.

    "I would just hope that Ms. Wynne and the Liberals are listening carefully to what the people across Ontario have told her in these by-elections, which is pay attention to our issues and our concerns for a change."

    Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak was with his winning candidate, Gila Martow in Thornhill last nigh...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • February 13th Commentary

    Drinking hours

    There's a move afoot to get Toronto city council to change the drinking hours in bars and restaurants so residents can have a beer watching the Canadian men's and women's hockey teams in the final four days of the Winter Olympics.

    Councillor Mike Layton will table a resolution at next week's city council meeting and he figures that while some will object, the motion stands a good chance of passing.

    He's talking about allowing alcohol service at 6am on the assumption that the Canadian hockey teams will each win a medal of some sort.

    Toronto allowed bars to start serving at 10am f...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Monday February 11th Commentary


    Canada stands alone at the top of the medal board at the Winter Olympics in Sochi and while you slept, we widened the lead.

    We picked up two medals this morning in the women's slopestyle ski event. Huntsville's Dara Howell won the gold and all of Huntsville including Mayor Claude Doughty exploded with applause less than two hours ago. Doughty was then on NewsTalk 1010's Moore in the Morning.

    "We're still small town people at heart. We care about each other and that just showed through with Dara developing as a young person as a young Canadian and she turned out today to do the whole c...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Thursday, February 6 Commentary

    By now I trust you've heard that staff at the city of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto are leaning toward recommending the 2 kilometre stretch of the Gardiner eastbound from Jarvis be torn down.

    There's a third public consultation about what to do tonight at 6:30 at the Toronto Reference Library on Yonge.

    Before our local politicians get their grubby hands on this issue, Torontonians should be asking some tough questions including:  what are we doing and why are we doing it?  That may seem obvious as concrete chunks fall from the underside but maybe that is just an excuse to turn a viabl...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Tuesday February 4th Commentary


    It would appear that a domestic incident may have sparked a murder in Toronto last evening around 7 o'clock.

    Typically by now we would have much of the outline of what police had but for reasons, not yet explained, police are staying very quiet about this, so far.

    We know that the Homicide Squad is looking into the death of a person at the Howard Johnson Inn on Metropolitan Road in the 401-Warden area.

    Rob Ford

    It would appear that Toronto Police are not yet ready to file criminal charges in their investigation of Mayor Rob Ford or anyone in his office.

    The lead Detective, Sergeant Gar...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Monday February 3rd Commentary


    Seahawks fans are flying high after their team crushed Denver in the Superbowl 43-8 to win Seattle's first Superbowl.

    There was trouble in the downtown entertainment district of Seattle....some vandalism, broken windows, stolen street signs. About 4 dozen police in full gear used flash-bang grenades to push the fans back.

    At an overcrowded rail station in Seacaucus New Jersey not far from MetLife Stadium where the game was played there were many fans furious with the long delays to get into the game and then get out of the stadium. Mass Transit was a mob scene.

    Pan Am Questions

    Is th...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Wednesday, January 29th Commentary


    As we race toward a municipal election, the political shenanigans at Toronto city council will ramp up.

    It'll begin in earnest at 9:30 this morning as councillors attempt to approve a new operating budget with the attendant increase in residential property taxes.

    As you may know Mayor Rob Ford has been saying it’s possible to restrict the increase to 1-and-three-quarters percent including his add-on for the subway extension into Scarborough.   The paid professionals at city hall say its not advisable based on what the budget committee and the executive committee have vot...

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  • Tuesday, January 28th Commentary

    Minimum Wage

    The Ontario minimum wage is going up from $10.25 an hour where it has been kept for the last 4 years.   Typically that tends to bump other wages up as well, so we could all be getting more because of this.

    The Wynne Cabinet meets tomorrow and is expected to finalize an increase based on inflation of the past 4 years.   That would likely take the number to about 11-dollars-an-hour.

    There's no doubt this will increase the cost of doing business but from that you should not assume it'll mean fewer jobs in the future.   Yes, years ago there were studies l...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Monday, January 27th Commentary

    Lousy drivers

    It's not very often that I am out driving on the highways when the weather is bad but I had occasion to on Saturday morning, driving to visit family in Niagara Falls.

    Generally the speaking the farther I got away from downtown, the worse the highway became.   I happen to be one who has winter tires on his vehicle so it was no big deal as long as you weren't being stupid.  Unfortunately it was a white-knuckle ride all the way there because of other motorists.  The many who didn't bother putting on winter tires.  What stunned me most was the number of drive...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Friday, January 24th Commentary

    Mother Nature should loosen her icy cold grip on the southern half of the province later this morning but then replace it with snow, blowing snow, and lousy driving conditions starting this evening....lasting until tomorrow afternoon, followed by even more snow Sunday.

    Environment Canada has a windchill warning up from Windsor to Clarington and north to Orillia for this morning.  Here in the Toronto area the windchill is likely to through out at minus 30.

    The warning will likely be lifted this afternoon as the temperature rises to minus 8 but it'll get even windier.  Southwest gusts to...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Thursday, January 23rd Commentary


    As for Rob Ford, he spoke to NewsTalk 1010 host and Sun columnist Joe Warming last night about what he calls his "unfortunate" slip drinking Monday night.   In Ford's words "I have no excuse, but I am not apologizing."

    Reporters at city hall were trying to get him to answer whether he did any illegal drugs that night...partly because people who saw him in the west-end restaurant just prior to his bizarre rant and said he showed no signs of intoxication and they were surprised at how he was acting on the video.   Ford has gone nowhere near that issue...but to Warmington...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Wednesday, January 22nd Commentary


    I've said before and after Monday night's bizarre behaviour by Rob Ford it begs repeating.  The most common characteristic of people who are chemically dependent is lying.  Most substance abusers lie in different ways trying to take the focus off their behaviour....trying to confuse and distort so they can hide.

    When the latest YouTube video of Rob Ford surfaced yesterday showing him at the Steak Queen on Rexdale Boulevard...going off on Chief Bill Blair in a rant trying to use a Jamaican accent, there was no doubt in my view, he was on something.  

    His faithful brothe...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Tuesday, January 21st Commentary

    Traffic Congestion

    As anyone who drives in Toronto knows,  the roads are now always busy.

    It was February 2012 when Toronto City council approved a comprehensive congestion management plan that was to roll out over five years.  That didn't happen because some of it needed provincial approval.  Apparently that approval has now been received.

    During the lunch-hour today, the chair of Toronto's Public Works Committee, Denzil Minnan-Wong will unveil new regulations to reduce congestion.

    Among the changes, the morning and afternoon rush hour periods will start earlier.  Instead ...

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
  • Monday, January 20th Commentary

    Olympic bid

    Given all the financial problems within the Greater Toronto Area, the thought of submitting a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics or the 2025 World Expo is rather off-putting don't you think?

    We're not entirely sure if next years' Pan Am Games will be done in time and the price tag, which we were originally told was 1.4-billion is closer to 2-and-a-half-billion.  That's not because of cost overruns.  It was because the original number didn't include the cost of the Athletes Village on the lakefront.  But even the 2-and-a-half billion dollar number is probably lowballed....

    Dave Agar / Dave Agar's Commentary
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