No Stick Left Behind!

Posted By: David Bradley · 2/27/2013 1:57:00 PM

A Kamloops, B-C, pooch who was stubbornly stuck on his stick is now a cyber star.

The owners of Montana, a 10-year-old yellow lab, say a video they posted to YouTube has gone viral as viewers applaud the dog's dogged efforts to coax a metre long stick -- sideways -- through a half-metre-wide gate.

More than one-million viewers have sympathized with Montana's stick struggle, posting comments like ``no stick left behind.''
The dog's gleeful rump-wiggle ends the nearly 90 second video after owner Craig DeWolf finally tips the stick upright to allow
Montana to trot through.

DeWolf says since the video was posted yesterday they family has been approached by management companies asking to sponsor the sticky story, while Good Morning America and the Today Show have asked permission to use the pictures.

No word what happened to the bothersome branch, but DeWolf says Montana has been carrying sticks since puppyhood and the next stick is just a stroll away.

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