Kessel versus the Cameras

Posted By: Mike Toth · 11/18/2014 8:39:00 AM

I really like Phil Kessel.
Much more importantly, so do his teammates. Go to any Toronto Maple Leafs practice and you'll see Kessel on the ice with a big smile, having fun with his buddies as he dangles the puck like nobody else can.  After practice, Kessel's ping pong battles with Dion Phaneuf are the stuff of legend, as Kessel and the captain have a long-running rivalry that also involves various card games on road trips. Talk to the Leafs and they'll tell you Kessel has a great sense of humour and really gets a kick out of hanging with his teammates.
Unfortunately, however, Kessel doesn't often show that side to the public. I've actually enjoyed my rare encounters with Kessel; a down-to-earth guy who doesn't take himself too seriously and because of that, I've always cut him some slack when he doesn't feel like talking. Not every NHL'er ...