Raptors Fans Display Poor Taste in Booing Bargnani

Posted By: Suzette Francis · 2/7/2013 7:21:00 AM

The Toronto Raptors' loss to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night was a disappointing one considering the team squandered a ten point lead in the fourth quarter, but what was worse, was the way Andrea Bargnani was welcomed back from injury.

After missing 26 games due to an elbow injury, Bargnani checked in to a mix of boos and cheers, and even some fans went as far as standing up to give him the two thumbs-down sign.

Now I get the frustration as of late with Bargnani, and some fans have been calling for the big man to be traded and others have even blamed him for the team's string of losses earlier this season.

And yes we can break down his game and highlight that the defensive end of his game is lousy, but  he does make up for it on the other end, being one of the team's top scorers.

Then there are the injury problems that have sidelined the big man for long stretches - this season the elbow injury that kept him out for eight weeks, last season it was a calf injury that kept him out for just over half of the season - and fans have been harsh in their criticisms, even going as far as calling him soft.

But with that being said, the reception he received was totally uncalled for and head coach Dwane Casey was disappointed and rightfully so.

"I'm disappointed because this young man has done nothing to deserve that. He's been hurt. Fans have a right to boo, cheer, boo me. Whoever they want to boo, but I don't think Andrea deserves that. The young man's coming back from a serious injury. But he was a pro about it, came in and played, and gave us everything we needed.''

The message is loud and clear - fans want to see Bargnani gone and with the NBA trade deadline coming up on February 21, I expect we'll hear his name come up in every possible conversation, whether it makes sense or not. But giving him the same treatment that's been reserved for the likes of former Raptors Chris Bosh, Vince Carter and Hedo Turkoglu; who have all left fans disgruntled in their exits; is just plain wrong.

Bargnani is still a Raptor and until that changes, he deserves to be treated with some respect.

And he deserves credit for the way he handled the situation, not letting it get to him; and if it did, he certainly hid it well, pouring in 13 points in his 24 minutes of action including a dunk in the 3rd quarter that had the same betraying fans on their feet cheering.

"I had no reaction. I tried to focus on the game. I heard some cheers, some boos, I tried to be aggressive and tried to help my team," said Bargnani after the game.

So until Bargnani gets shipped out of Toronto, which he likely will be, let's save the booing until he's dressed in another team's uniform.

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  1. Muhammed Baloch posted on 02/09/2013 09:09 AM
    These guys that boo are idiots. They get that way by reading the pathetic journalists opinions of what is going on with the raptors. They blamed Vince Carter back in the day, when they should have been blaming his teammates, and the coach, and management, for not giving him support, but instead they drove him out with their constant bitching. Now with Bargnani, cut him some slack. He is still young, he did suffer an injury, and now he is returning with a little bit of rust.
    We keep this up, we are gonna be the team that nobody wants to play for, and we will end up with the basketball equivalent of the leafs. What are we gonna do then? What if Rudy Gay gets injured? We are only a player away from being back to where we were.

    Wake up people, and start behaving like the 6th man (for our team, not the visitors) we are supposed to be.
  2. Mike posted on 02/15/2013 06:48 PM
    Who really cares...they are all overpaid prima donnas...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i hurt my elbow...suck it up butercup!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. FutbolJunkie posted on 02/17/2013 11:07 PM
      @Mike Ignorantly spoken like a true hockey fan, who presumes that unless you unprovokingly beat the stuffing out of someone in a game, your somehow not a 'real' man. Well tell you what buttercup (not 'butercup' as you wrote) you play under the basket, get a fresh elbow to the chops and then come tell me how good it feels.
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