Ten years and a trillion dollars later...

Posted By: Tarek Fatah · 9/6/2011 10:00:00 AM
Ten years and a trillion dollars later, we are today more vulnerable to our enemy’s machinations than we were on that sunny September morning of 2001 when evil rained hell from the skies.

The 9/11 attack on the USA by jihadi terrorists shook human civilization to its foundations. We in the West who lived a life of privilege and entitlement, who felt invincible, were made to feel as vulnerable as the ordinary inhabitant of the Third World.  The colossal amounts spent to defend our lifestyle, values and sovereignty  were not enough to stop 19 Arab men armed with mere paper cutters to bring a superpower, a nation of 300 million, to its knees.

The reaction of the US and its NATO allies was swift, powerful, but ineffective. Bungled operations in Afghanistan, where billions were wasted, allowed Osama Bin Laden and his Afghan Arabs escape to Pakistan as did Mullah Omar and his Taliban.  While the Pakistani military gave sanctuary to the enemies of the USA, the Americans poured more billions into Islamabad, who used the same money to sustain and promote jihadi operations around the world. As if the fiasco in Afghanistan was not enough, the US invaded Iraq. By the time US forces limped out, the Americans had managed to hand over the country to its worst enemy, Iran.

In a war that has pitted the 21st century against the 12th, tens of thousands of young men and women have died or have been maimed fighting the international jihad, but have little to account for.

The month of September marks not just the anniversary of  the 9/11, it is also the anniversary of another attack on freedom, democracy and individual liberty by a far stronger enemy with similar fantasies of world domination. It was in September 1939 when Hitler’s feared Wehrmacht attacked Poland to trigger the Second World War in which nearly 50 million people died.

The difference between the two September wars is stark and the contrast of the outcomes is mindboggling. While the German Nazis and their allies boasted a technologically advanced society with the largest armies ever deployed in human history, the 9/11 attackers were a ragtag group of Islamist jihadis, imbibed with the love of death and a contempt for life’s little pleasures.

For all the strength, determination and militancy of the German Nazis, the Italian facsists and Japanese militarists, it took less than six years for the USA, UK and USSR  to inflict a decisive and humiliating defeat on the enemy. Contrast September 1939 with September 2001. What began on September 1, 1939 ended on August 15, 1945 with the comprehensive defeat of those who sought world domination
However, 10 years after September 2001, the Islamist ideology that was at the root of the 9/11  attack is today stronger than ever before. 

The question is, why were we able to defeat Nazism, but failed to put a dent into Islamism? Why is it that instead of the Islamists retreating under the relentless war on terrorism, they are far more influential in the USA itself than ever before in contemporary history?

To understand the difference, imagine the White House hobnobbing with American Nazis during World War II. It is incomprehensible. Yet, both Presidents Bush and Obama have bent over backward accommodating purveyors of Islamism right into the White House. Can one imagine Roosevelt addressing a group of Nazis in an attempt to ‘reach out’ to them? Yet we barely shrugged our shoulders when Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his now infamous speech to Muslims of the world. He could’ve gone and spoken in Indonesia where he grew up and which is the world’s largest Islamic country, but he made a conscious decision to literally bend over and greet those who consider America their enemy.

The difference between the Nazis and Islamists is that while we in the West understood the phenomenon of Nazism and ideologies of racial supremacy, they didn’t have a clue about the societies of Islamdom and still do not. While the fight against Hitler was fought without any guilt, the war on terrorism is riddled with white liberal guilt where leaders of the West apologize for our civilization that has brought universal human rights, gender equality, citizenship based on human-created laws, not inherited race or religion.

While Charlie Chaplin could make movies mocking Hitler and Nazism,  no one today can mock jihadi Islamists without risking the allegations of racism and discrimination. So powerful is the Islamist propaganda and presence inside the West that on the tenth anniversary, the narrative suggests it was not America that was the victim of an attack by Muslims, but rather it was Muslims who were victims of attacks by America.

The Islamist attempts at turning the events of 9/11 upside down are relentless. Instead of acknowledging the fact that jihadi Muslims attacked our civilization in the name of  Islam, the sharia-loving spin doctors would have us believe that 9/11 was in fact an attack on Muslims by America.

Read what the executive director of Canadian Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) writes on the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. He lists  “positive developments” that have come about as a result of this catastrophe, highlighting “greater interfaith” dialogue as the top accomplishment.  He then reminds his audience that “it is also vital to be vigilant and acknowledge that challenges remain.”

What are those challenges? One would expect him to indentify the primary challenge as being the  continuing attack on Muslims and non-Muslim alike by jihad-inspired Islamists. Instead the CAIR official suggests the opposite. He writes:  “Among those, Islamophobia and anti-Muslim rhetoric continues unabated here in Canada, Europe, the US and in many parts of the world. … the assault on privacy rights and civil liberties continues.”

There was no condemnation by the CAIR official of either the 9/11 attack or the doctrine of armed jihad that inspired the 9/11 jihadi terrorists. Not one word. or the on-going attempts by Islamists to sneak in Sharia Law into the public domain.

On the eve of the anniversary, instead of rallying around the values that the West stands for, the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions being hosted by McGill University in Montreal on Sept. 7 seems to be taken over by Islamists. If the Islamists succeed, such non-Muslim religious leaders as the Dalai Lama, and clerics and scholars of religious studies will endorse the odius document being promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood that wants to curtail any criticism of Islam as a violation f human rights.

While the West sleeps or vacations in its summer cottages, the Islamists cloaked in self-promoted label of ‘moderation’ ensure we fight the jihad as paper tigers. Leading the Islamist charge is Tariq Ramadan. He will be the star speaker at the interfaith fest in Montreal. Ramadan reflects the new sophisticated arm of the worldwide Islamist movement, which sees the West as the right place to wage a cultural and intellectual jihad. Ramadan is the darling of the world Islamist establishment; he camouflages his Islamist agenda under the niqab of ambivalent doublespeak.

If we in the West do not wake up to the threat posed by Islamism, ten years from today, we will still be engaged in the so called war on terrorism that has made America’s corporate sector immensely profitable, but has left the country near bankruptcy, both in money and ideas.

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  1. John Anthony posted on 02/02/2012 05:37 PM
    Above all is good health, and it looks like your back on track again.
  2. david bartlett posted on 04/03/2012 10:59 PM
    tarek: You sound good and I hope you will enjoy my blog theangrylistner it's about the best jazz you have listened to,so go and download I'm sure Jimberly can help you about, anyway have a nice & long life/dbb
  3. M.Bendago posted on 05/20/2012 06:09 PM
    I met u in 2002
    i listen to U occassionally. I am dismayed by your contionous dispacable comments about Islam , muslims and Arab countries . To me you are a non-white who is disperte to get the approval of the white man, and believe me you get it, so it is time to stop. You attacked Islamic banking from a narrow angle not knowing that the France Finance minister saw potentials in it. Islamic Banking fights Usuary that is crumbling alot of counteies economics. You won you sold your sole to the white man (your masters) given your cultural background, to get their approval. Maybe you you were born as a muslim but it doesnt automatically makes you a muslim, actually peopel like you ae far ore dangerous to Muslims , because they heve access to the media that some of it loves to bash muslims and Arabs
    M. Bendago, MD, FRCSC
    1. Ruben Ariel Anderson posted on 06/04/2012 10:08 PM
      @M.Bendago You must be kidding! I found Mr. Fatah a very smart person in his believe and political views even though I am not agree in too many of them, He is a man that sticks to his words, but just reading you I can see plenty of social resentment, when a person starts his argument with skin colours ain't not hard to understand what is next! Wonder if you are follower of this lunatic and radicals movement polluting America Society!
      P.S.: Keep the good work Tarek, and hope you feel better and healthier!
  4. Sally posted on 06/19/2012 02:07 PM
    You have always been an inspiration to me re: being so practical. You were on the radio today with another lady talking about radical Islam and Moslem people and the difference. I was born in South Africa and there were/are many Moslems and one dear lady worked for my mother - religion was never an issue - she was as human as we were. Granted those were different times but to my knowledge, the average Moslem lives his/her life, works, has a family just like Catholics, Protestants and Jews and one can have fascinating debates with all of them and not have a WWIII. As you and the other lady said on Tuesday, if we don't take care of the radicals now, we will pay a huge price down the road and that is so very sad. Thank you for being you and I am so pleased your health has returned. You and Michael Coren make a great debating team - no mud slinging - just debating as debates were meant to be.
  5. Lynne posted on 03/11/2013 02:23 PM
    I'm very thankful that Tarek has the balls to verbally chasitise the rabid Muslims who are now increasing the persection of Pakastani Christians...I hope the Pakastani Christian guests will receive support for their rescue efforts. Keep up the good work Tarek!
  6. m ottino posted on 07/27/2014 07:51 PM
    Tarek we firmly believe that you are either an articulate unenlightened simpleton or are an intelligent "UNCLE TOM" who is void of any moral worth and only cares to satisfy his masters! We believe you to be the later, I know my words are harsh and cold but this is sincerely how you are perceived by my family (Canadian/European and Christian) We witness you selling out your muslim and arab brothers and sisters and sympathise and give excuses for the atrocities committed by the jewish Zionists in occupied Palestine to innocent human beings!! we believe in the god of the bible and Christ and find it off putting how you can defend the murder of innocence and true terror committed by the jewish state. TAREK THOU SHALL NOT KILL!! Lastly please try to find some balance to your shows for it is so biased that it is comical! Are you afraid to do so? Would it be carear suicide to have intelligent people who do not support your Zionist agenda on? Or are you truly just a useful fool? I hope for talk radio's sake that you open up your censored program! Cheers and god bless.
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