App Pick - The Guitar Collection: George Harrison

Posted By: Kris Abel · 3/17/2014 6:00:00 AM

This is a fantastic app that strikes a balance between the kind of historic tour you’d expect at a museum, with lots of in-depth knowledge and hidden detail, and the kind of intimate experience you’d get if the late George Harrison himself invited you over to his house.

The Guitar Collection: Geoege Harrison



Start Menu, photo of young George

There are eleven guitars, from his iconic Gretsch Duo Jet to the Ukuele that he never seemed to be without, each scanned in beautiful 3D at high resolution so you can zoom in and lose your mind with every scratch, paint chip, and hidden decorations that speak their life story.

George introduces each with some familiar strumming and a few memories through audio clips, while added interviews with Tom Petty and Eric Clapton fill in the rest. There’s a photos and videos, both recent and past, including clips of Conan O’Brien getting to play through the collection himself.

Close up of Rocky Stratocaster

Each guitar comes packaged with its own origin story, a playlist of the songs it was used on, and a guided tour of its features and the modifications that set it apart. By leveraging iTunes, a preview of each of the songs is included and if you already own all of George’s music, your library is embedded so you can listen to it as you explore.

View of the collection, three guitars

When the app launched last February at $9.99 I felt it was a bit pricey as apps go and wanted to wait for it to drop before mentioning it on our show. Thanks to the Beatles’ 30th anniversary, the price is now 99 cents, making it one of the best 99 cent apps available. I recommend grabbing it before the price changes again.

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  1. Peter posted on 03/19/2014 08:58 AM
    Thanks Kris for your post.

    That is awesome.
    Maybe you could leave it up for a longer time, in honour of George Harrison.

    It's definitely worthy.
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