App Pick - Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles

Posted By: Kris Abel · 3/31/2014 6:00:00 AM

Since 1964 Ravensburger has been a leading name in Jigsaw puzzles. Now with all-new digital versions for the iPad they’re in the lead again. There have been countless attempts at translating interlocking puzzles for computers, but this is by far the most satisfying.

Ravensburger Puzzle



A 150 piece puzzle of a blue McCaw parrot

On the iPad you never have to worry about losing a piece. You can save your puzzle mid-way and carry it with your from place to place. It still feels like you’re working on a desktop, with puzzles that snap in place and a box top photo you can always pull into view and pinch-and-zoom into for the most detailed of references.

You can adjust all the puzzles between nine difficulty levels, from 20 pieces up to 500. If you do feel like taking on 500 pieces, there are sorting tools to help that will auto-orientate all the pieces, remove all the middle pieces at first, and even auto-build the frame to give you a head start.

The puzzle shop screen

It includes more than a dozen puzzles to start and then offers new weekly additions to their catalog with special deals. There are twenty categories, from landscapes and paintings to animals, architecture, food, photography, and images of technology new and vintage. About the only thing I think you’ll wish you had is a bigger screen.

A 500 piece architecture puzzle with border pieces assembled

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