Watch - Robo Drummer Jason Barnes Play His First Concert

Posted By: Kris Abel · 4/9/2014 11:23:00 PM

Last month we did an episode on Jason Barnes, an amputee drummer whose bionic arm allows him to drum at super human speeds. Highlights from his first public concert, held a few weeks ago at the Bailey Performance Centre in Georgia, are now available below and worth checking out.

He and Professor Gil Weinberg (who developed the arm) offer a thorough explanation and demonstration of just what this breakthrough means. You get to see how the robotic enhancements can be adjusted, get a sense of what he can do that other drummers can’t, and then see him perform with other musicians to great effect. That he can load the arm with the rhythms of other drummers is fascination (and the use of those by eminent physicist Richard Feynman is a very cool touch).

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