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Posted By: Kris Abel · 4/14/2014 7:21:00 AM

One of the few password managers not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug, Dashlane will help you securely change the passwords for all your accounts.

Dashlane Password Manager


Free or $29.99 subscription

Dashlane prompts in a web browser

It will generate complex replacements for each service and then encrypt them using AES-256 (hence the Heartbleed immunity) locally to your machines, which means even Dashlane’s own service doesn’t see them. All you have to do is remember a single, master password.

A Security Dashboard will help you see which passwords are weak, have been reused, or are getting old. Handy short-cuts will take you directly to the Settings page for each connected service from there to make replacing old passwords easy.

Security Dashboard

On a PC or Mac, the software uses web browser extensions to detect when you visit a website that requires a log in. As long as you type in the master password when you first turn on your computer, it will log you into your accounts or prompt you to help create a new password if needed.

On a smartphone or tablet, the Dashlane app performs the same actions using a mobile browser. From there you can copy and paste generated passwords into other apps and settings on your device.

Syncing passwords conveniently across all of these devices requires a $29.99 yearly subscription. This means manually sharing passwords across mobile devices if you stick with the free version or using the export/import feature to share your password collection across multiple computers.

Such upgrade fees are fairly common amongst password managers and in Dashlane’s case their extra tools, which includes an auto-fill feature for online forms, a digital wallet to keep financial numbers safe, a mobile password generator, and online back-up for your account, are easy enough to use and work well enough to make up the value of the price tag.

Accounts summary screen


Other Choices:

RoboForm – Although not as slick, RobForm also uses AES encryption and so wasn’t vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. It too works off of a Master Password, but it’s free version is limited to ten logins only. For more you’ll need to pay a $19.99 yearly subscription fee, although right now they have a sale price of $9.99

LastPass – Since it uses OpenSSL amongst its encryption processes, LastPass was vulnerable to Heartbleed (and has since been patched). It is available for BlackBerry and Windows users and also works on a Master Password system. The free version is ad-supported (which I believe security software should avoid) which can be removed with a yearly subscription of $19.99.

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