McGuinty Government Tying up Loose Ends

Posted By: Dave Agar · 1/23/2013 8:24:00 AM

As Ontario Liberals prepare to converge on the old Maple Leaf Gardens Friday for the leadership convention, some of the loose ends of the McGuinty era are being tied up.

First it was Finance Minister Dwight Duncan saying his projected deficit of $14.9-billion this year will be nearly $3-billion less.


Sort of.

Duncan was on NewsTalk 1010's Live Drive with John Tory yesterday, one third of the deficit reduction was the result of the elimination of some of the sick days of teachers.  Another third was because Duncan's people screwed up, they under stated projected corporate tax revenues by $1.1-billion. This has become a pattern for Duncan's team, overstate the deficit so the numbers look like the government is really doing something.

The other loose end: the Putting Students First Act which so infuriated public school teachers. The law no longer exists. It was rescinded at midnight by cabinet order.  Education Minister Laurel Broten says the act served its purpose putting zero wage increase contracts in place, either negotiated or imposed for the next two years.


Broten was also on the Live Drive with John Tory.

As for what the teacher unions are going to do, the indication that we're getting at least thus far, is there'll be no decisions made about extra-curriculars and so on until there's a new premier.

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