Friday, January 25th Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 1/25/2013 7:25:00 AM


D-day for Rob Ford. He should know at 9:30 if he's still mayor of Toronto. No matter what the outcome, Toronto will be just fine with or without him.


Even Rob Ford seems calm in the face of what is his biggest political challenge to date. The Ontario Court of Appeal will send its decision to the lawyers in this case at 9:30.  Media and the public will have access to it online at 10:30. Rest assured NewsTalk1010 will be all over it.

So what happens if Ford is removed from office, if the Appeal Court upholds the original trial verdict that he violated the Conflict of Interest Act? Without getting into all the ins and outs, city council will decide if it should appoint a mayor or call a byelection. If the maximum time limits are used by city council a byelection could be held as late as August 6th but it would likely be sooner. Ford's opponents seem to be leaning toward appointment while the Ford camp wants a byelection to let the people decide.

We're out on the streets of Toronto this morning to find out what  people want.



It's not unusual to hear wild imaginings from City Councillor Georgio Mammoliti. He comes up with, to be kind, some creative concepts but this time I fear he's gone too far.

He's claiming there's some left-wing conspiracy to retake control of City Hall, which there could well be, but Mammoliti is saying things like his office telephones have been tapped, people are being followed around. He's stepped deep into the criminal conspiracy mode and he hasn't produced a bit of evidence.


Mammoliti was on NewsTalk 1010's Showgram with Jim Richards.


Supposedly the lefties trying to retake City Hall.

Let me stress that Mammoliti has not produced one iota of evidence and the fact that he has gone public with such serious unsubstantiated allegations should give his constituents pause to consider this: why did you vote for this guy? His actions in this matter are reprehensible and so councillor, as blunt as I can be, until and unless you have hard factual evidence, keep your mouth shut!


We get a new Premier this weekend at the Ontario Liberal leadership convention.

There's no runaway winner that we can see but if things break the way a lot of analysts expect Ontario will have its first woman Premier, either Sandra Pupatello or Kathleen Wynne. The only caveat I would thrown in there is this: front-runners don't do well in Liberal leadership races, not provincially or federally. Liberals tend to reach for a compromise candidate.   

Unions will be making all kinds of noise outside Maple Leaf Gardens, mostly teachers and you can hear it inside and out here on NewsTalk 1010.

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