Give Wynne a Chance

Posted By: Dave Agar · 2/12/2013 9:10:00 AM

A new opinion poll shows 55 percent of Ontarians don't think much will change now that Kathleen Wynne is the new Liberal Premier of the province.

At the same time, 45 percent of those surveyed in an Abacus Data poll say they're willing to give Wynne a chance. At the very least it seems Ontarians are hoping for change and will wait and see. How long they'll wait is another matter entirely.

I just wish the opposition at Queen's Park would listen to what Ontarians are saying here. The NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson, he says his is willing to wait a while to see if Wynne makes good on the promise to reach across the aisle, but Tim Hudak's Conservatives were out with a commercial yesterday slamming the new cabinet as 'same old, same old' even before the cabinet was sworn-in, which is one of the things that really bugs me about this bunch. They use the tired politics of old.  

Notice the opposition is saying not much about the appointment of Liz Sandals as Education Minister. The public school teacher unions are very optimistic about her appointment and Sandals says she wants this war to end.


If Sandals can solve that problem, it would be the most demonstrable way to show voters that Premier Wynne really does plan change.

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  1. Bill posted on 02/12/2013 01:07 PM
    I can't understand why you think this recycled Liberal government with a leader who has been a full participant in the last 9 years of disaster for Ontario deserves any further "chance". The McGuinty/Wynne diad has put Ontario into penury. We have benn lied to repeatedly and seen huge amounts of money wasted on failed policies and just plain incompetence.
    The only "chance" that Wynne et al deserve is to face the electorate right now. Hopefully it will be trip to the proverbial woodshed tha the Liberals won"t soon forget.
    Good for Tim Hudak for saying so !
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