Cancelled Gas Plants Fallout

Posted By: Dave Agar · 2/22/2013 11:30:00 AM

I was as surprised and angry as anyone when Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced in the Legislature yesterday that Ontario Power Authority had found even more documents relating to the cancellation of the electricity plants in Mississauga and Oakville.

This is the third stack OPA has produced.  After the first dump, the McGuinty Liberals assured us that was all of it. Then another dump and the McGuinty Liberals said no really we mean it that's it. Now another dump and Kathleen Wynne's Liberals are gun shy, saying they hope that's the end of it because they want everything on the table.

The opposition parties were quick to scream coverup, a political coverup by the Liberal government.

There is not yet enough evidence to substantiate that. From where I sit,  the heat should be on the Ontario Power Authority. It's there where the last two document dumps came from and the excuse the OPA CEO suggested yesterday that they don't have the expertise and experience to do these kinds of document searches is, at best absurd, at worst b.s.  I refuse to believe that this beheamoth of a company doesn't have staff that know how to do document searches.

That the chairman of the board of the Power Authority apologized yesterday is simply not good enough. This is outright incompetence.  Let me tell you how bad this really was. This whole power plant fiasco had code names in the documents including one called Project Banana.  OPA says that after they searched the words "Project Banana" no one thought to simply search the word "Banana". To many people this is called expanding your search parameters.  Anyone who uses Google or Yahoo or Bing, they all know about the need to narrow or expand your search so this lame excuse does not hold water.

It is either rank incompetence or is someone in the OPA trying to cover up? And if it is a coverup, why?

Kathleen Wynne has been Premier for just a matter of days but because of this latest OPA screwup, her political capital is spent.

Premier, unless you want to be the Kim Campbell of Ontario politics,  your only option now is to call a public inquiry.

Mind you PC leader Tim Hudak seems to be shooting himself in the foot again.  Remember last year when the McGUinty budget came down.  Hudak immediately said he would vote against it.  But NDP leader Andrea Horwath hung in and negotiated, getting some concessions out of the Liberals.  Hudak got nothing and even within his own party there was criticism.  Horwath got tons of good publicity.  Hudak was left hanging.

Now I take you to Wednesday of this week, Hudak declares he will vote against Kathleen Wynne's first budget. So he hasn't even waited to see what's in this document. We're weeks away from it being presented and the Tory leader says he's 'agin it' sight unseen. That may prompt you to say, well, why would he do that?  His answer: the sooner there is a change in government, the better it is to give hope to people in the province who have lost hope. To have a slash and burn politician talk about people who have lost hope is laughable.

It seems to me Progressive Conservatives have lost hope of winning another election because of a leader who doesn't seem to have the faintest idea of how to win. His expertise at how to lose seems to grow daily.

Who is left standing? The NDP.

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