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Posted By: Dave Agar · 12/2/2013 7:59:00 AM



Have you ever noticed how politicians always seem to come up with the good ideas as we edge closer to an election.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her team have glommed on to one, but it probably won't see the light of day unless you vote Liberal in the next provincial election.  That election is likely next spring after the combined opposition defeats the next provincial budget.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli will stand up in the Legislature this afternoon to unveil the government's latest long-term energy plan.  According to the Star this plan would offer homeowners the financing required to renovate their homes to make them more energy efficient.   You would pay back the tab on your hydro bills.    Details are not expected until the budget in the spring and implementation wouldn't be until the year after next, so 2015.

Chiarelli is also likely to say that aside from the renovation payback, our electricity bills will continue to go up...3 to 3-and-a-half percent a year.   This is markedly less than the government's forecast of 3 years ago when it said that because of nuclear expansion and more renewable energy sources that by 2030, our bills would have doubled.  Since then, Chiarelli has backed away from nukes.

“Under the current government the average increase is somewhere in the area of 3.4%.  Looking to the future we expect that rates will continue to increase, but we have taken very significant steps to mitigate those increases.”said Chiarelli.

I fully expect the opposition parties to chirp a lot of what I was saying off the top...Don't buy into the Liberal plan to let you finance your energy renovations on your hydro bills because it's not going anywhere except to be a cornerstone of the Liberals re-election platform.

There's a lot more the Premier can do in that platform including changing the regulations on private schools and their storefront daycare facilities.  Over the weekend it came to light that all preschool programs affiliated with private schools, such as Montessori, are allowed to still operate without the need for a license.   Any school prior to 1993 can operate this way.  That means if you send your child to any of several private-school operated daycare centres, there is no legal requirement for them to have first aid, CPR or childhood training.   They are not bound by any child-staff ratios...nor is there a limit on the number of kids they daycare can take in.   To make matters worse there, of course, would be no government inspectors.

This is just stupid planning by governments going back to 93.  Amend the law so that it is clear to everyone: if you are caring for kids there must be limits on how many, and how many early childhood trained staff are there and there must always be a person with CPR and other lifesaving training on hand and yes there would be routine inspections.  Anything outside of those criteria and you are in breach of the law and will be shut down immediately.   It's preposterous that the paid care of kids by others has a grandfather clause to do nothing.

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