Tuesday, December 3rd Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 12/3/2013 7:30:00 AM




 It's a welcome relief to see that the Wynne Government has heard the message to stop listening and start acting if you have any hope at all of holding onto power after the next election.

It felt like Premier Kathleen Wynne had nothing to contribute to making this province better other than to say she would consult or set up a panel of experts.   Of late, that has changed with specific legislation being tabled.

There will be changes unveiled today to how daycare is regulated in Ontario.  Indications are several aspects will be changed including that gaping loophole I told you about yesterday.   This is the one where private schools, such as Montessori can legally setup store-front daycare centres and have no regulation whatsoever.   The Star says that will change.  We await the details from Education minister Liz Sandals at a 9:30 news conference at a Catholic school on College Street.

There should be a proviso in any childcare legislation which simply states if there is any ambiguity in the law, err on the side of what is best for the kids...assume you must limit the number of kids brought in and you have to have a basic ratio of kids to staff and you must have someone with CPR training at all times.



Toronto's deputy mayor Norm Kelly trundles around the corner and up the street to Queen's Park at noon today for a face-to-face with Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Rob Ford is obviously ticked off that he wasn't invited...seeing as he is the duly-elected mayor and all.  I don't blame him.  At the same time I have to say the Premier's people really screwed this up.  There was absolutely no need to publicly announce she would be meeting with the Deputy Mayor.   She could have just had the private session, so she could get a sense of whether city council and city hall are functioning properly since the half-hearted palace coup.   Wynne meets with all kinds of people, all the time.  We media types get her daily itinerary and there are occasions when things are listed as "private".  In the case of the Norm Kelly meeting it’s all there in bold print.  Noon in the Premier's Office.  Room 281.  Photo opportunity and brief scrum at 12:30.


Do you ever get the sense that you are working 24-7?  Especially if your work email is on your phone and you get the ding over and over, all day and night and even on weekends. 

It seems there is a surge in corporations coming to the view that successful employees must be able to escape from work from time to time.

For example: Volkswagen turns off some employees e-mails half-an-hour after their shift ends.  BMW is developing new rules to prevent workers from being contacted after hours.  Goldman Sachs is basically telling its junior staff to take weekends off.

It's all about the bottom line for some corporations because they are starting to lose people to burnout and it costs a small fortune in turnover costs.   This is especially true for highly paid positions where turnover costs run as high as 2-hundred-13 percent.

This is one of the wake up calls Corporate Canada should be alert to....you cannot expect your staff to take on heavier and heavier workloads without consequence.

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  1. john Istheman posted on 12/03/2013 07:55 AM
    Mr Agar.

    Not sure what has happened, the stars must be in alignment or you, or I, have been eating differently but I agree with you on all points!!!

    Especially like the part about erring on the side of the child. Common sense is missing in the world today as the mighty dollar cannot trump all things. Like kids.

    Since the announcement I knew Premiere Wynne was not only making the wrong move morally, I thought it political error.

    But as it gets closer I'm thinking that rules may not apply. Rob Fords role is changing from dishonored Anthony Wiener type politician to a kind of celebrity politician. She might, in the end turn this around. People outside of Toronto think differently.
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