Wednesday, January 8th Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 1/8/2014 7:38:00 AM



Some thought on how we have handled the weather nightmares of the past couple of weeks.

 The most recent of course is the madness at Pearson International yesterday.   It is clear from many interviews conducted by the media that a lot of passengers were furious, not just by the delay but by a lack of communication from the airport and their airline to keep them in the loop.    This is a persistent complaint when airports seize up but the communication never seems to improve.  Scott Armstrong of the Airports Authority explained to John Tory yesterday that there was plenty of communication, but obviously not enough, if people were complaining.  But then he said you can't go on the PA system too often to say the same thing over and over to the same people who have been standing there for hours.  Why can't you.  By saying nothing you leave a void and that's why people think you're hiding something or lying to them.  More communication, not less.

 As for the ice-storm,  I am quite frankly fed up listening to politicians accuse other politicians of grandstanding through the crisis and only doing things because it might get them votes.

 In my years of covering thousands of politicians, I have learned one thing:  the overwhelming majority of those politicians are in there because they honestly believe they can help.   You certainly wouldn't do it for the money given all the nonsense you have to go through.   I don't doubt for a moment that Rob Ford cares when people are freezing; that Kathleen Wynne cares when people are starving; that councilors ShelleyCarroll, Josh Matlow,  Mary Margaret McMahon, Krystyn Wong-Tam and most of the others within the GTA were first and foremost trying to help through this crisis, not for votes, but because they care. Did they make mistakes, certainly and there are plenty of lessons to be learned.

 Political gain may be the byproduct but, in my view, it is NOT the motivation.

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