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Posted By: Dave Agar · 1/22/2014 7:29:00 AM


I've said before and after Monday night's bizarre behaviour by Rob Ford it begs repeating.  The most common characteristic of people who are chemically dependent is lying.  Most substance abusers lie in different ways trying to take the focus off their behaviour....trying to confuse and distort so they can hide.

When the latest YouTube video of Rob Ford surfaced yesterday showing him at the Steak Queen on Rexdale Boulevard...going off on Chief Bill Blair in a rant trying to use a Jamaican accent, there was no doubt in my view, he was on something.  

His faithful brother Doug said there is no way that was Rob Monday night...couldn't be.  It had to be from an earlier time when he was heavier. In jumps Rob to admit that yes he was drinking Monday night but it was none of the media's business.

“It’s my own time.  It’s my own time.”said Mayor Ford during a media scrum.

That is probably the part that irks me the most.   Rob Ford seems to think that he is working on the assembly line at some manufacturing plant and that when he punches the clock and leaves for the day he can do whatever he wants in public.

When you are the mayor of any city and you are in public, you are on shift.  You are certainly on-call 24-hours-a-day and when you are in public you are representing the city.   I thought he got that during the last cycle of Ford lunacy.  Remember...oh way back 8 weeks ago in interviews with Peter Mansbridge, Stephen LeDrew and even 9 days ago to city hall reporters.

Ford said he was finished with alchohol.  He would never drink again.  He had his ‘come to Jesus moment’.

I'll leave the last word on this to Mark Elliott, a substance abuse expert, a drug and alcohol counsellor.  Mark spent years hiding in the bottle and stoned on any number of drugs.  He was on NewsTalk 1010's Friendly Fire last night.

“There are some of us who are very concerned about the man and very concerned that this guy is going to die.  These things don’t end well.  Addictions don’t get better on their own.”said Elliot.

And so the circus begins anew at city hall.  The executive committee meets this morning to go over the city operating and capital budgets.  Ford is supposed to be there.  We'll be there too.  If you want to see more about this last sorry chapter in Rob Ford's life go to our website: newstalk1010-dot-com.  



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  1. Dale posted on 01/22/2014 06:15 PM
    The man is an alcoholic and the defining characteristic of an alcoholic is that they cannot admit it. It’s time for Doug to stop enabling him. It is no longer an issue of will he get elected it’s an issue of will he live for another few years.
    Mr. Tory, he respects you please encourage him to get the help he needs. Doug helping your brother to confront his demons is the right thing to do.
  2. bruce mackinnon posted on 01/23/2014 07:26 AM
    he is making good progress, lost 40 pounds etc
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