Friday, January 24th Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 1/24/2014 12:00:00 AM

Mother Nature should loosen her icy cold grip on the southern half of the province later this morning but then replace it with snow, blowing snow, and lousy driving conditions starting this evening....lasting until tomorrow afternoon, followed by even more snow Sunday.

Environment Canada has a windchill warning up from Windsor to Clarington and north to Orillia for this morning.  Here in the Toronto area the windchill is likely to through out at minus 30.

The warning will likely be lifted this afternoon as the temperature rises to minus 8 but it'll get even windier.  Southwest gusts to 50 this morning, 60 this afternoon, 70 tonight.

Snow is expected to start this evening...with about 5 centimetres on the ground by Saturday morning and blowing, drifting snow because of the winds which will cut down visibility to about 500 metres.

Another 2-4 centimetres of snow tomorrow morning, then a mix of sun and cloud but continuing very windy and the winds will shift from southwest in the morning to northwest so the temperature will fall from minus 4 in the morning to minus 8 in the afternoon.

At this point it looks like as much as 5 centimetres of snow is possible Sunday.


"Our agenda is not speed, it is rigour.  The work that remains to be done is colossal."  Those words from Guy Lapointe an officer of Surete du Quebec at the deadly seniors residence fire along the lower St. Lawrence...not far from Rimouski.

It was 12:30 yesterday morning when the blaze erupted.  Many of the seniors inside were confined to wheelchairs or only had partial mobility.  5 bodies have been recovered so far but it is looking as though the final toll could be up around 3 dozen.


At least five people have been killed in three bomb blasts in Cairo, Egypt this morning...explosions apparently targeting police.

The first blast at the police headquarters killed 4 and injured 70 others.  

The attacks come a day before the 3rd anniversary of the January 25 revolution that removed Hosni Mubarak.

CBS reporter Alex Ortiz in Cairo says the Muslim Brotherhood is organizing a week long series of protests starting tomorrow.


Early this morning in Kiev, Ukraine, anti-government protestors seized control of the Ministry of Agriculture and put up more make-shift barricades.

When these protests first began they were about the President turning away from close ties with Europe...ties fostered by 4 presidents before him.  Instead he is leaning more toward Russia.

The protests have since morphed into a battle for democracy.

President Viktor Yanukovich shows no signs of backing down or making significant concessions.

Opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko, the heavyweight boxer went into talks with Yanukovich last night and emerged to say nothing happened and "there is no sense sitting at a negotiating table with someone who has already decided to deceive."  Klitschko is urging restraint by the protestors but he fears there will be more deaths.


If you eat pork with any regularity you may find the price starting to go up very soon.

It's because on a pig farm near London, several pigs have died and the experts have deemed this to be Porcine Epidemic Disease.  It's a coronavirus that mostly kills piglets...mortality rate as high as 90 percent.

This is the first PED case in Canada but it was only a matter of time because the virus reached the U.S. for the first time last spring and this bug is extremely virulent.

It has not jumped species yet...meaning the experts say humans can't get this horrible bout of gastroenteritis.   The pork supply is also no risk to humans.


I note with interest City Councillor Doug Ford's latest remarks about his brother's slip with the bottle Monday night.
He admitted he made a mistake when he originally insisted that  video was not from this week.

Doug Ford then went off on Police Chief Bill Blair again....one more time accusing him of playing politics in the investigation.

He pointed out that Blair's contract is coming up and Doug Ford feels that the mayor's system needs to change....so the Mayor has the authority to change every department head in the city when he felt he should.   He wants Rob Ford to have the power to fire the Police Chief.

I would offer that it is Rob Ford himself who is the very reason we should never go to a strong mayor system.  Can you imagine him running around firing on a whim.

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