Monday February 3rd Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 2/3/2014 8:25:00 AM


Seahawks fans are flying high after their team crushed Denver in the Superbowl 43-8 to win Seattle's first Superbowl.

There was trouble in the downtown entertainment district of Seattle....some vandalism, broken windows, stolen street signs. About 4 dozen police in full gear used flash-bang grenades to push the fans back.

At an overcrowded rail station in Seacaucus New Jersey not far from MetLife Stadium where the game was played there were many fans furious with the long delays to get into the game and then get out of the stadium. Mass Transit was a mob scene.

Pan Am Questions

Is this what Torontonians are going to be subjected too next year when the Pan Am Games are staged in the GTA and beyond?

NewsTalk 1010's John Tory weighed in on that with John Moore this morning

"No. Because what's happened of course, and it's been a subject of criticism, is that the Pan Am venues... are spread so far, all the way from Hamilton to Oshawa and parts in between. So you don't have a huge crowd concentrating on one place."

There are critics who allege that there is no real transit plan for the Pan Am Games and that the main bottleneck will be in and around the Athletes Village on the waterfront...getting thousands of athletes in and out to the various venues.


He is considered by many to be the greatest character actor of a generation. Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead, lying on the floor of his bathroom in his 10-thousand-dollar-a-month apartment in New York's West Village late yesterday morning.

Sources say there was a needle stuck in his arm and police found a couple of bags of heroin in the apartment. The assumption is heroin overdose. The Medical Examiner will do the autopsy today on the 46-year old who leaves behind 3 young kids, 10, 7 and 5.

Sources say police found 8 small envelopes...6 of them empty, two of them containing what appears to be heroin.

Hollywood is in shock.

Actors from around the globe are expressing sorrow at the loss of a great actor and by all accounts, a nice guy.

Rob Ford

Which brings us to Mayor Rob Ford.

Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle's book on Rob Ford is out today and in it she writes about the taped conversation she heard between the mayor's wife Renata and a man only identified as "John"...a conversation that took place not long after Ford was elected mayor in a Tim Horton's parking lot outside Etobicoke.

In it Renata Ford is quoted as saying of her husband "He still thinks he's going to party. He thinks that he, oh, you know, 'I'll get off the pills, but I'm not giving up the blow."

The mayor's criminal lawyer Dennis Morris says he has spoken to Renata about this and in his words "basically she said 'I have very few friends, I don't go to Tim Hortons and hang out with guys in a parking lot, so definitely I never said that, I was never in that parking lot.'

Morris again maintains that the mayor has "turned over a new leaf." Frankly I believe him as much as I believe Rob Ford, which is not a whit.

ATM fees

This is getting far too much play for its worth but in the Commons today MP's will debate a motion from the NDP which calls on the Harper Government to put a cap on ATM fees in the upcoming federal budget.

The Conservatives have dropped hints in that regard but I'd be surprised if any action were taken other than perhaps the minister of finance asking banks to do something..but not forcing them.

The NDP wants a cap of 50 cents per transaction through an ATM instead of the current system where most people don't pay any extra to use the ATM of their bank but any other ATM the fee is 2 to 3 dollars per transaction.

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