February 21st Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 2/21/2014 8:33:00 AM


The fear of widespread flooding through the southern half of the province hasn't really materialized but there are some low lying areas where you'll have to be careful.

The northern half of the Greater Toronto Area is very icy this morning....the result: school boards have cancelled some school buses.

We're just off the phone with Laurie who works at a Tim Horton's in Caledon.

"I wouldn't say it's really bad. It's just ice covered, but it's not really, really bad. You just have to be cautious. I'd say it's slippery patches but it's not full ice."

From west to east...the Halton Catholic board...no buses north of Steeles. Halton Public has cancelled bus service in Districts 3 and 4. Most kids in District 4 are bused in so the 4 schools are closed...Brookville, Limehouse, Pineview and Stewarttown.

Peel District public board...no buses to its schools in Caledon. THe Dufferin-Peel Catholic board has cancelled bus service in Duffering, Caledon and Bolton.

York Region District public and Catholic has all buses operating, schools open.

Durham region public board and Catholic board...no buses north of highway 7.


There is a deal to end the 3-month crisis in Ukraine.

It's not a truce like the one earlier this week that failed as soon as it began. This is a political agreement between President Viktor Yanukovich and the policitical opposition parties. The opposition hasn't spoken publicly about it but media outlets are showing the politicians signatures on the document.

Sky News reporter David Bowden in Kiev.

"They'll be early Presidential elections. They were due in 2015, they will now be at the end of this year. There will be a dilution of presidential power because many people believe the president has been running the country

What's not clear yet is whether the protestors in the streets will accept this agreement.


Canada picked up two more medals in Sochi this morning...the gold and silver in skiing, the women's cross event.

That gives us a total of 22 medals thus far including 8 gold and of course today at noon men's hockey...Canada versus the U.S.. The winner goes into the gold medal game at 7am Sunday against the winner of Sweden and Finland which just started.

Toronto bars and restaurants have the green light from city council to open and start serving alchol at 7 for that championship game...whether Canada is in or not.

Justin Trudeau

It was Justin Trudeau's chance to shine last night as he opened the Liberal party convention in Montreal.

He spent most of his time talking about values. Once again he gave few specific policy options for Canadians to mull over...opting instead to take verbal shots at Stephen Harper and his Conservatives as well as Tom Mulcair's New Democrats.

Once again his message is one of hope.

"The middle class is in trouble. People haven't had a real raise in thirty years while inequality has increased and household debt has exploded. Those who practice the politics of division see this as an opportunity to exploit. An opportunity to show cynicism and mistrust...to point fingers and lay blame."

Trudeau says fear can only be overcome by hope and he has no interest in joining Harper and Mulcair in a competition to see who can make Canadians angrier.

Trudeau's message is getting through to more Canadians. An Ipsos Reid poll for CTV shows gains in most areas except for a key one: 52 percent don't think he's ready to be Prime Minister yet. 48 percent think he is ready.

Some of the in the trench Liberals better start getting to Trudeau soon about the need for specificity. You can preach hope all you want. There is nothing inherently wrong about it but you can't eat hope. You can't feed your kids with hope. You can't pay your bills with hope. If hope is all you have Justin, it's just not enough.

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