March 20th Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 3/20/2014 7:07:00 AM

Rooming house

A deadly fire erupted inside a second floor rooming house in Kensington Market overnight.

The result...two men dead. 10 more people were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.


On the Danforth near Gledhill there's the Toronto Honda dealership, a Kia dealership nearby, a Petro Canada station, a social club, shops and bars.

Sometime after 9 o'clock last night, gunfire rang out on the street outside the social club. When paramedics arrived one man lay dead. Another was on the edge. He was rushed to hospital where he died just after 3 this morning.

Both had been shot several times and Police are trying to figure out by whom and why.

EA arrested

A female student with a disability has been sexually exploited online and Toronto Police think there may be other victims.

They've arrested an Education Assistant at Dante Alighieri Academy, a Catholic high school in Lawrence Heights right near Villa Colombo off Dufferin south of Lawrence.

46-year old Angelo Pisciottano appears in court later this morning.

Malaysian jet

At the southern tip of the Indian Ocean, aircraft from Australia, the U.S. and New Zealand are searching an area about half the size of Ontario some 25-hundred kilometres south west of Australia.

They're looking for two pieces of debris picked up last night by commercial satellites.

There is a suspicion these may be from that Malaysian jetliner that vanished March 8th.

The first Australian Royal Air Force plane has returned to base with nothing. The rain was heavy...visibility poor.

John Tory

Former Newstalk 1010 host John Tory officially launched his campaign for mayor last night. He took some swipes at Rob Ford...but he seemed to save his best swings at Olivia Chow. The issue: transit.

Tory has some explaining to do about transit though.

How specifically will he pay for the Scarborough subway extension, which he is married too and also pay for an underground downtown relief line which he's committed too.

This is Tory's weak spot.

Rob and Doug

That was a wild scene after yesterday's court document dump about the Toronto Police criminal investigation of Mayor Rob Ford.

Off the top, the crush of reporters with Rob the Bullheaded Ford, security guards and his staff across Nathan Phillips Square, up the stairs to the Mayor's Office.

That was madness.

Someone is going to get seriously hurt unless the media and the Mayor's Office can reach some sort of compromise.

I am urging news directors, managing editors, assignment editors to work this out with the press gallery exec and security before one of your people gets shoved over a railing.

As for the documents, a lot of it was old ground with more minutiae but some of it was eye opening.

The one that stood out most was the police view that the repeated contact between Rob Ford and Sandro Lisi was "indicative" of drug trafficking.


Not just some guy giving a joint or crack or cocaine to a buddy…trafficking.

If there were any doubt, the police probe of the Mayor is far from over and with Sandro Lisi accused of extortion in trying to recover the infamous video, you have to wonder if any of that splashes back on Ford or others in his office at the time.

No doubt police are trying to connect the dots.

In the wake of these documents the Ford boys spoke to Joe Warmington of Toronto Sun/Newstalk1010 fame…Rob saying he found it, quote "funny" that the information was dropped in the middle of the election campaign and on the very day John Tory officially launched his campaign.

Doug said of the document dump "it's always timed right. It's impeccably timed to co-ordinate with others' agendas."

Through those imbecilic comments the Fords' have now drawn a highly regarded jurist into their ridiculous conspiracy theory because it was Justice Ian Nordheimer who issued the ruling to release the documents.

Not only is this insulting, I would suggest it verges on contempt of court because it tends to bring the judicial system into disrepute.

The Ford's said this was going to be a dirty election campaign. What they left out, conveniently, was that they were the ones who would be crawling in the mud.

It seems this is the only game they know.

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