March 26th Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 3/26/2014 7:11:00 AM


Perhaps the biggest lead so far in the search for that Malaysian jetliner.

As heard on our breaking news an hour ago, French satellites have spotted 1-hundred-22 objects in the south Indian Ocean.

Some of the pieces are about 3 feet long. Others are 70 feet long.

They cover a 4-hundred-square kilometre area. These satellite shots were taken 3 days ago.

Malaysia's acting Transport Minister stresses that the debris still hasn't been linked to the jet and cannot be until those pieces are recovered.

Atlantic storm

If you have a flight booked this morning for Atlantic Canada or into Maine or Massachusetts, odds are you won't be boarding anytime soon.

A number of flights to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador are scrubbed because of a powerful storm that threatens to bury most areas under as much as 50 centimetres of snow and there is a high risk that a storm surge will cause flooding and some infrastructure damage.

Blizzard warnings and storm surge warnings are up...especially for Nova Scotia...but the blizzard warning extends down into Boston.

Universities and schools in Halifax are closed...even the local shopping centre.

Washington State

It's still raining in Washington State where Saturday's mudslide buried the little town of Oso.

This makes the search effort even more dangerous as the hardening mud turns into a slurry again...risking the lives of the searchers.

Last night 2 more bodies were recovered so that's 16 bodies removed...but they also spotted 8 more bodies in the mud that have yet to be recovered and sources say authorities have ordered an additional 40 body bags.

Pan Am Games

Is just me or is this 2015 Pan Am Games event turning into a giant pain in the.....ask Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals.

They get pounded repeatedly by the opposition about the costs of the Games, the wretched excess of the former senior management team.

This morning a new controversy over security.

The Star says Andrea Horwath's NDP is calling on the Auditor General to investigate the 81-million dollar security contract to an American-based company Contemporary Security Canada. A consortium led by Reilly Security submitted a bid that was 14-million dollars cheaper but the government went for the higher bid. The NDP wants to know why and whether "public dollars are being respected."

This sounds like political puffery from the left. OPP Inspector Mike McDonnell of the Pan Am Games Integrated Security Unit says the decision to go with Contemporary Security because it had the strongest bid and demonstrated experience in large-scale security initiatives.

Tory MPP Rod Jackson says the decision to reject the Reilly bid, which is Toronto based, is "ridiculous" and in his words "the whole thing sounds fishy to me."

Fair enough. Let the Auditor General look at it. That's what he's there for.

Island airport

I could get into a long harangue about Toronto city council's executive committee meeting on jets at the island airport that wrapped up late last night but suffice to say Porter Airlines plane is still alive but in political limbo.

It'll come up again next week at city council and don't expect anything substantive until the new city council takes over next year.


For weeks now just about anything that came out of Rob Ford's mouth about the election was to the effect, come on, let's get on with it....

And so they shall.

5 this afternoon.

Rob Ford, David Socknacki, Olivia Chow, John Tory, Karen Stintz...the top 5 at 5.

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