March 27th Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 3/27/2014 7:27:00 AM


Did you catch the first Mayor's debate yesterday? No. I didn't think so.

Who at CITY-TV thought it would be a good idea to hold a debate at 5 o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon when most people have just left work and are stuck in traffic or on transit trying to get home.

I wasn't too crazy about the format. Those segments where it was a free-for-all? I couldn't hear what was being said most of the time. Gord Martineau should have moderated the debate. He was after all the moderator but he largely stood to the side as candidates strayed way off topic.

There was a tweet sent out near the end of the debate by someone I don't know which said this: "Lessons from Ford: Say the same lies over and over again with confidence. It's working, shoot me."

Rob Ford is, and has been, an endless loop for more than a year now. He says the same things over and over and over again and the message certainly cut through during the debate, better than the others.

If I were advising Chow, Tory, Stintz or Socknacki my overarching message would be this: the people who do not want to vote for Rob Ford in October are people who are not just apathetic toward him. They're damn mad that he has dragged this city through political hell.

The drugs, and alcoholic behaviour, hanging out with convicted criminals and the main subject of a criminal investigation by police which seems to focus on an alleged extortion conspiracy and not one of you reflected that anger during that first debate. Chow tried a bit. Tory soft-peddled it. Why are you walking on egg shells over this outrage?

Some other advice. Stop regurgitating your campaign slogans. Stintz on her 3 objectives. Tory on his neither left, nor right but forward. These are fine on posters and mailers. They can work on radio and TV commercials but you the candidates should not be mimicking them like trained parrots. You just come off sounding like you're being handled and don't have original thoughts. You don't sound real.

Karen Stintz nearly found her footing on financial issues. I felt she was connecting with us but this mom and kids, and getting around the city with kids...that wears thin fast. Olivia Chow...same ...mothers with strollers that won't fit onto crowded buses or I know the value of money because my family worked hard. They were poor. Those lines are already old.

For John Tory: Not nearly aggressive enough. I was surprised he did casual. Jacket, no tie, button down shirt? John your persona is CEO. During a debate, dress like a CEO. Go casual if you are at the Greek Independence Day parade but if you are trying to show that you are in charge. Suit, tie. Ask the people around here, I am the last one to give out advice on wardrobe and if I notice, you have a problem buddy.

For all of the would-be mayors, frankly I don't care what you did or did not do as a councillor or TTC chair or CEO. Again...all that information can be in the literature or on your website and if it matters people will search it out or Google it. Don't waste my time telling me about yesterday. I want to know what you are going to do tomorrow for me, my family. Miss that mark. Miss that connection to me the voter and it's just a bunch of blah, blah, blah, much like that debate.

Do better. The voters in the town deserve it.


If you are a dog owner or dog lover, there's a video you have to see on our website that a Toronto woman posted on Facebook.

She gets on the elevator of her apartment building on the 11th floor with her two dogs. The leash of one of the dogs is not entirely inside the elevator and the leash caught on the eleventh floor. The elevator starts to move down. The dog suddenly shoots up to the ceiling..hanging by the leash. She tries to get him free as the elevator keeps moving. This is a hundred pound dog. Finally the leash broke. The dog was freed. The woman broke two of her fingers.

The video is on our website: newstalk1010-dot-com.


The latest on the search for the Malaysian jetliner came in just over 2 hours ago. Thailand says its Earth Observation satellite on Monday spotted 3-hundred objects in the south Indian Ocean about 2-hundred-kilometres southwest of where the day before a French satellite spotted 1-hundred-22 objects.

So far none of it has been recovered. The aerial search has been cancelled today because of bad weather but ships in the area are still searching.


If you've been following the Hobo-cop story about the 43 Division Constable who dressed as a panhandler to catch people driving while texting or talking on their phone.

Apparently this was a 5 day effort that ended on Monday. At this point no one is saying if police intend to do this again anytime soon.

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  1. Vince posted on 03/27/2014 09:00 AM
    Meanwhile, the Ontario Liberal quietly borrowed $ billion for Ontario Hydro and added the payments to the debt retirement charge. "Almost criminal" is how another journalist on your station described this. AND NOT ONE WORD ABOUT THIS FROM DAVE AGAR. All he cares about is bad mouthing rob ford. Well rob ford drug addiction did not cost me any money. The provincial Liberals have lost & stolen billions upon billions (and one of their health minister responsible for at least $ 1billion loss was ALSO a drug addict. But all Dave Agar cares about is Rob ford and some stupid dog. Rob Ford follies cost us nothing. Worry about what is vital & relevant to the regular working class people.

    Unless of course Dave is on the Liberal's payroll.
  2. pete posted on 03/27/2014 12:31 PM
    Re: Mayors debate somebody said - how can you ask a known liar a question and expect a decent answer.
    My question is - what kind of a Mayor can order a beating in a jail ?
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