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Posted By: Dave Agar · 4/4/2014 12:00:00 AM

Spectator sports top the news this morning.

The Leafs faint playoff hopes are still alive after the team defeated Boston in overtime last night.

The Blue Jays have brought in former ace Roy Halladay to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for tonight's home opener against the Yankees.

Rob Ford thinks he's free and clear...but that's not true.

The Leafs and Jays, I'll leave that to our sports director Mike Toth.

Rob Ford.  That's my baliwick.

"I knew the day would come that I would be cleared and I guess that today's the day."

That was the mayor's response after hearing that the OPP has withdrawn from the criminal investigation into the Mayor on the basis of no new evidence.   However the OPP has no say in whether this investigation is over or not.   It is the purview of Toronto Police and the detective who has led a special squad on the Ford/Sandro Lisi case for the last 10 months says's its not done.  Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux tells the National Post "it's my investigation, and my investigation is still going."

Some media outlets have been quoting unnamed Crown Attorney's and other lawyers as saying that criminal charges against Ford are unlikely.  They may or may not be accurate but the Crown doesn't make that decision.   Police decide and if Detective Giroux and his crew feel the need, they may consult the Crown and/or the OPP but they don't have to.  Police decide if there are to be charges.

I would also refer you to NewsTalk 1010 commentator and National Post columnist Christie Blatchford who writes spinning off Ford's statement of yesterday that he knew he "did nothing wrong."  To wit Blachford writes "He did nothing wrong?  He may have done nothing criminal, but that's hardly the same thing.  He's like the guy having the knee-trembler with the neighbour who then tries to convince the angry spouse that it's all OK because hey, they weren't lying down."


It was almost comical watching Conservative MPP Lisa McLeod yesterday desperately trying to get the lead investigator in the gas plant e-mail deletion scandal to tie Kathleen Wynne to the scandal.

OPP Detective Constable Andre Duval made it clear to the gas-plant committee that Premier Wynne is not the target of this criminal investigation.  He has nothing whatsoever to suspect her of committing a crime...but, like Toronto Police with Rob Ford,  he's not finished his investigation.

In both cases, the evidence will lead them where it leads them.  If Detective Duval's forensic people can rebuild the scrubbed hard-drives, he might have something new to investigate but until and unless that happens.


A follow up to my rant yesterday about how some Toronto city councillors were being childish and petty not to let Mayor Ford re-vote on motions to honour Nelson Mandela and our Olympic athletes after he said he accidentally voted no to both motions.

Those councillors had second thoughts yesterday after Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly asked them to re-do the vote.  So now let the public record show that city council unanimously supports naming a street after Nelson Mandela and supports a note of congratulations to our Olympic athletes.


For the life of me I cannot figure out why Toronto city council is so preoccupied with food trucks.   For years they've been trying to hold tight reigns on the industry and basically screwing things up in the process.

A committee of council recently came up with a package of reforms that would allow many more food trucks on city streets and offering much greater variety in foods.

City council began discussing this recommendation Wednesday and they went at it again most of yesterday.

Here is the bottom line...1-hundred-25 trucks will be allowed out on city streets and pay parking lots and in public parks but instead of 5 hours in one spot, they'd have to move after 3 hours.   The trucks won't be able to set up within 50 metres of a restaurant...which in downtown Toronto would be next to impossible.  

The committee recommended there be no limits on the number of trucks allowed to park in the same area.  City council decided no more than two trucks on any one block in any 3-hour window.


Another changing of the guard on late night TV.

David Letterman announced to his audience that he'll retire sometime next year.

Robert Thompson a pop culture prof at Syracuse University says Letterman completely changed late night in profound ways but he's had a long run.

In the early days Letterman really coveted NBC's Tonight Show and by most accounts he was in line to succeed Johnny Carson until NBC announce it was going to Jay Leno.  Carson had Letterman on the show later to talk about it.

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