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Posted By: Dave Agar · 4/8/2014 12:00:00 AM

The Quebec Provincial Election.  It will almost certainly become a primer for how not to run a campaign.

Premier Pauline Marois and her Parti Quebecois blew it big time last night....knocked out of power and handing Philip Couillard and his Liberals a majority government just 18 months after the Liberals were turfed for alleged corruption.  Add the fact that Couillard is a rookie leader, you know Marois and her team bunged this up.

The turning point came almost right out of the gate, pretty well the day she trotted our her star candidate, wealthy media mogul Pierre Karl Peladeau who immediately declared he wanted Quebec to be a country.  That triggered the sovereignty debate again...the talk of a referendum if the PQ were given a majority.

Premier Marois couldn't even keep her own seat but Peladeau won so that has triggered speculation he would become the PQ's new leader.

The lessons to be learned here are myriad including Quebeckers have no stomach for sovereignty but make no mistake this is not the end of the separatist movement.  It will never end.  There is a bedrock of about 30 percent of voters who want to go it alone so while the rest of Canada can relax for a few years we can never let down our guard.


By now you've likely heard about Rob Ford at the Leafs game Saturday night...the commotion that was caused.

There's dispute over just what transpired but the politician Ford took to the game is dropping verbal bombs that cannot be ignored.

Councillor Frank Di Giorgio, the Mayor's hand-picked budget chief backs Ford's statement that he was not drinking alcohol at the game.  Mind you he never drinks in public.  He has typically just stumbled around in public.

Was he high on drugs?   Ford walked away from reporters on that one calling the question ridiculous.  Di Giorgio says he doesn't know what someone who is high looks or acts like but the budget chief also says that after witnessing the Mayor in action he is now "very leery" about Ford's efforts to change his behaviour.  He's most disillusioned about what happened after the game.  According to the Globe, Di Giorgio will be assessing the other centre-right candidates in the race for mayor.

In an interview with the Scarborough Mirror, Di Giorgio says “What Saturday left me with is... it’s left me in a position where I have to be very clear to myself and say, ‘you know what? I can’t get behind this person 100 per cent."


In the last couple of years, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been conducting new crash tests.  Instead of head-on into a barrier they simulate hitting a tree or pole on the drivers side...a more likely scenario in the real world.

First thing this morning the Institute released results of their testing on 9 mid-size SUV's.

Only the Chevy Equinox and its twin, the GMC Terrain got a good rating.  The Toyota Highlander was given an acceptable rating.

Sitting in the "marginal" safety category..the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota 4Runner and the Ford Explorer.

3 mid-size SUV's were given "poor ratings", the Honda Pilot, Mazda CX-9 and Kia Sorrento.


If you are into taking selfies, there's a new app that makes your face look thinner so your overall appearance would be 5 to 15 pounds lighter.

It's called SkinneePix and its for iPhone and Android. It's a dollar-99.   It only works on single head shots.

Critics such as Lauren Dickson at the Centre for  Addiction and Mental Health here in Toronto say SkinneePix could encourage an unhealthy body image and could help push young adults toward eating disorders.  Of all the pressures kids are under from peer pressure to media pressure I find it absurd to suggest that an app to make your face look thinner could be the tipping point for bulimia or anorexia.

The app developers say it was originally designed to make people look slimmer but it has also motivated people to lose weight.

Skinnee Pix is not the only app like this.  There's also one called FatBooth.

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