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Posted By: Dave Agar · 4/17/2014 12:00:00 AM

There are so many irritating or infuriating stories in the news this morning, I barely know where to begin.  It could be just about anywhere so let's take aim at the driver's ed system in Ontario...what appears to be a total lack of control over the people who teach our kids to drive under the guise of a driver's education licence.

A Toronto Star investigation has determined that in the last 3 years,  3-hundred of these so-called instructors have been turfed.  More than a third of them dumped because the had too many demerit points for their own lousy driving abilities.  86 had their driver's license revoked or suspended for, among other things, unpaid fines or medical issues.  39 instructors got canned for breaking the law, either the Criminal Code or the Highway Traffic Act.

Others have been fired for using sexist and obscene language with their students.  Some have sold alcohol and contraband cigarettes to students.   Some have sold driver ed certificates to students who hadn't completed the course.  Others completed the course, paid the fee and never did get their certificate.

The Star has been trying to get the names of these 3-hundred people but the Ministry refuses on the grounds that it would be an invasion of their privacy.   When asked directly about this the minister Glen Murray refused to answer and fobbed it off to a PR flack in his office.

This from the Wynne Government...the one's promising openness and transparency.    Not acceptable.


Then there's the tragedy in the East China sea off the southern coast of South Korea.  The passenger ship that apparently hit a rock, capsized and sank yesterday with hundreds of teenagers on board.   By all accounts the captain steered the vessel slightly off course and that's why it hit a rock but the real outrage is that he and most of the crew abandoned ship and left those kids to fend for themselves.   There are still 2-hundred-87 people unaccounted for.


Do you remember the Jane Creba murder, the 15-year old caught in crossfire on Yonge Street nearly 9 years ago?  She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It appears that Andrea White was killed last weekend because she too was in the wrong place at the wrong time, in the garage of her house having a cigarette with her husband.   It was simply because she lived in the co-op housing complex near Morningside and Old Finch Avenue.

A year ago, a 20 year old man was shot and killed in the same complex.   Last Saturday would have been Kwado Mensah's birthday so there was a memorial service for him and when that ended two of his buddies drove back to where he was gunned down and one of them opened fire...6 shots.  One of them hit Andrea White and killed her...leaving her 4 kids without a mother.

Hank Idsinga is the Detective Sergeant heading up this murder.

Two men stand accused in this case.  One is the alleged shooter.  The other the alleged driver.  Both accused of first degree murder.


Then there is the power blackout of Tuesday night.   Tens of thousands of Toronto residents on the west side of the city without power for a couple of hours on a cold night.

Toronto Hydro was quick to say...hey this is a Hydro One problem.  Hydro One feeds power to Toronto Hydro.

It would appear this was a Toronto Hydro screw up.

Two power lines arced and that fried things causing the power to go down.   What really happened was Toronto Hydro improperly installed a temporary line beneath a Hydro One transmission line and it should not have.   The Hydro One line sagged because of increased demand...and that is very natural.  In fact its the very reason there should not be any power lines near transmission lines...but Toronto Hydro goofed and now they're checking across the city to see if they've inadvertently done it anywhere else as part of their plan to replace aging poles and infrastructure.


Would someone in the Liberal Party of Canada send an e-mail to Justin Trudeau and tell him to smarten up.   This guy is speaking out of both sides of his mouth and that's what makes him just another slimy politician.  They're not all that way but too many are and when Trudeau took the reigns of the party a year ago he promised openness and transparency and absolutely guaranteed free and open nomination meetings in all the ridings across the country.

Now we know that was all a bunch of BS and no more evident than here in Toronto where there has been a feud going on over candidates seeking the nomination for a newly created riding for the next federal election...the riding of University-Rosedale...which will include portions of the current ridings of Toronto-Centre and Trinity-Spadina.

Without getting into all the minutiae...suffice to say this the upper echelons of the federal party...Trudeau et al have completely subverted the democratic process and have no declared that Chrystia Freeland will be the candidate for University-Rosedale and that no one will run against her.  So she'll be acclaimed at the meeting May 2nd.

The local riding association president says the higher-ups in Ottawa didn't even consult the association executive...they just went ahead and did this.

Justin Trudeau...the man who was supposed to save the Liberal Party...the man who was supposed to turn on our young people and get them to vote....is just another one of those politicians.

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