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Posted By: Dave Agar · 4/29/2014 12:00:00 AM

There's some new research out this morning about the quality of life in Ontario and one of the findings supports what motorists know all too well, it's hell getting to and from work within the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

The study period was from 1994 to 2010...so it doesn't take into account how much worse it has become in the last 4 years.

So in that 14-year window, the commute time has gone up an average of 12 percent...roughly 6.4-minutes more on average each day.

Toronto residents have the longest commute times...65.6-minutes.   Oshawa is second at 63.6.  Barrie third at 59.2

On the upside, the Canadian Index of Well Being finds that the days of long hours at work seem to be ending.  The number of those working more than 50-hours a week peaked in 1999....but that has dropped nearly 30 percent and more people are working flex hours.


The last we heard, a 9-year old Oakville boy was still fighting to live at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

He's in critical condition.  Halton Police say that around 7:15 last evening, the boy was going into his house through the garage.  The door went up and somehow his jacket got caught somehow and pulled him up.  He was hanging there when someone passed by...saw what was going on and rushed to help.   Paramedics arrived.

It's not clear if the boy was screaming for help but police say his parents were home at the time.

We just got off the phone with Halton Police and they say there's nothing new report yet.


The LA Clippers basketball team is on the brink of losing a small fortune in sponsorship dollars and the NBA itself risks a player rebellion unless the new commissioner acts decisively over the racist rantings of Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Commissioner Adam Silver will make an announcement at 2 this afternoon and you'll hear it on NewsTalk 1010's Showgram with Jim Richards.

First the league has to establish that it is Donald Sterling's voice on the recording with his ex-girlfriend railing on her for posting an Instagram photo of her with former NBA Superstar Magic Johnson...railing on her because Johnson is black and how this somehow reflects badly on Sterling's reputation.

It is doubtful whether the commissioner could dump Sterling as a team owner...or if he did, it would certainly beg a long protracted court battle...but there may be a way to make it so uncomfortable for him that he'll throw in the towel and sell the team....maybe a big...big fine and long suspension.

Magic Johnson says the situation needs to be resolved quickly because Sterling has everybody "in an uproar."


For the people who are still buying Rob Ford's BS that he has saved taxpayers more than a billion dollars, the two financial wizards he has been quoting to back up his claim are saying it is not true.

Ford has always cited City Manager Joe Penachetti and Chief Financial officer Rob Rossini.  To quote the city manager directly about Mayor Ford "he can say that he saved more relative to expenditure reductions relative to other mayors but in terms of budget savings being 1-billion dollars, that is misleading compared to previous administrations."

During the four-year term,  Pennachetti and Rossini say the amount saved is 8-hundred-93-million dollars...which is nearly 3-hundred-50-million more than former Mayor David Miller saved.

In response, the Mayor had the gall to put out a statement claiming cost savings of 1.1-billion.  When reporters asked him about the city manager's statement that the mayor was wrong...Ford said of Penachetti "he should run for mayor and debate me."

This guy will try to throw anyone under the bus if it serves his purpose.

City councillor Gord Perks, who is not someone I often quote...has a good summation.  His words "your taxes went up under Rob Ford.  Your taxes went up under David Miller.  Both administrations charged you more than what you started out paying.  No one has saved the taxpayer money."   He's correct.  In absolute terms you are paying more.  What Ford and Miller did was to head off recommendations that would have forced us to pay on top of that.


A rare statement indeed from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, advising Americans to immediately stop using Internet Explorer as their browser because of a security flaw uncovered on the weekend.

This flaw exposes you to hackers who can seize control of your computer.  The problem is that it has existed on every Internet Explorer version going back to 2-thousand-one...IE versions 6 through 11.

Microsoft is working on a fix and is planning to provide a software update May 13th.

Options to the IE browser include Google and Firefox.

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