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Posted By: Dave Agar · 5/6/2014 12:00:00 AM

If Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in rehab, we now know it is not in the United States.

The Globe and Mail says that when the aircraft landed in Chicago, the Mayor never got off the plane and the plane departed, the mayor still on board, destination unknown.

Roy Norton is Canada's Consul-General in Chicago and he confirmed to the newspaper that the mayor "voluntarily withdrew his application to enter the USA" and that he "was not denied entry, per se."

NewsTalk 1010's Humble Howard has a private pilot's licence and has flown to the U.S. several times.  On Moore in the Morning, Howard talked about how have to clear customs when you land.  

Humble Howard also says this could have been incorrect paperwork from anyone on board the aircraft.

Mayor Ford's lawyer Dennis Morris still insists that his client is in rehab and he's getting rehab and he'll be there for a number of weeks but Morris still won't say exactly where this rehab facility is situated...if he even knows.


Why it has taken nearly 3 years to get this done is not entirely clear but the Toronto Parking Authority is just about ready to roll on a new system for paying your parking rates at their Green P lots and for on-street parking.

They've hired a company to do it.  Basically the plan is to enable motorists to use their cellphones to buy time.  First you'd have to register with the Parking Authority, providing a credit card number and your licence plate.   Then, presumably, you'd use an app to punch-in how much time you needed.  The people who go around checking the white receipts on car dashboards would use their handheld devices to check your plate to see if you paid.

The plan is to get this going in the Green-P lots in the next couple of months and then roll-out to the on-street parking machines.

This will require approvals by Toronto City Council and that is on the agenda for this months council meeting which starts at 9:30 this morning.

Let's hope the politicians don't try to throw a wrench into things because the way the system is set up now is painfully slow at times.  The machines themselves are slow and finicky and when people are in a rush to get to work, the lines can get quite long.


For the last few months,  a pervert has been roaming around a Catholic high school in Mississauga...following girls to and from Mount Carmel Secondary.   This is southwest of Winston Churchill and Derry Road.

Girls say they've seen him walking.  They've seen him driving a newer black sedan with tinted windows and on at least two occasions he committed an indecent act in front of of a female student.

Here's the description: white, 5 foot 10, about 1-hundred-50 pounds.  Thin build, fair complexion with light brown hair, and crooked teeth.


This has never been done before so you know it's a big deal.

The World Health Organization has declared a global public health emergency and its because polio is beginning to spread.

For nearly 30 years there has been a campaign to wipe this crippling virus off the face of the earth.  They got it down to just 3 countries last year...Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

This year,  there are outbreaks in 10 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East...countries such as Syria, Israel, Somalia, Ethiopia.

Gregory Hartl is the spokesman for the World Health Organization.

The WHO is now urging the governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria to impose a requirement on all of their citizens to show proof of polio vaccination before being allowed to travel to other countries.

There's a problem,  these are countries full of civil strife, corruption and the like so even if they were to promise that they'd crackdown...there's no reason to believe them...which then puts the onus on countries such as Canada to say hey...you're not getting into our country as a tourist, immigrant, refugee or any variation thereof unless you can prove you've been vaccinated against polio.  It's unfortunate, there seems to be a growing number of parents in this part of the world who don't want their kids vaccinated against anything and expose them to diseases such as polio.

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