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Posted By: Dave Agar · 5/13/2014 12:00:00 AM

Donald Sterling, the infamous owner of the L.A. Clippers.  Would someone please put a muzzle on this guy?

Every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.

He went on CNN with Anderson Cooper last night to beg the NBA for forgiveness insisting he's not a racist and that he apologies...that he's oh so sorry...but then as the interview went on,  Sterling started to blather.

Remember his words on tape about his girlfriend associating with black people, including Magic Johnson?  In the Anderson Cooper interview he said Magic is a good person...but then......

Oh it doesn't stop there......

The sooner Sterling is out of the NBA permanently the better.


When it comes to revenue, parking tickets in Toronto is big business.

If everyone ticketed last year paid their fines, the city would get more than a hundred-million dollars.

Going into last year, staff told city council that without hiring more parking ticket enforcement people the revenue would fall by 6-million dollars.  City council made the investment to hire 29 more people...at a cost of 1.3-million dollars a year.

The result:  fewer tickets handed out last year than the year before.  More than 1-hundred-31-thousand fewer tickets with more staff?

That doesn't make business sense to councillor Doug Ford.   He says if this keeps up, council should get rid of some of the parking enforcement staff.  On the face of it, that makes sense but it would appear this may have just been an odd-year....mainly because of the ice-storm.  There was a lot of leeway given during the storm and the aftermath....and a number of enforcement officers were taken off their primary task to get cars moved during the storm cleanup.   Plus there were actually more motorists feeding the meter and complying with the parking laws.

Council should just hold off a bit before getting rid of enforcement people...unless of course the politicians don't want those millions in revenues.  Besides, Police Chief Bill Blair is already looking at the feasibility of contracting out parking enforcement so let's wait to see what that report shows.

But the fundamental point is this:  if we stick with the current system it doesn't make any sense to me to reduce the number of parking enforcement officers because the result pretty well guarantees that you won't get as much revenue as you can.     

As it is, how many motorists have you seen who don't bother with the parking stub on the dashboard either on the street or the pay lots.


It was last summer when 47 townsfolk in Lac-Megantique, Quebec were incinerated by a freight train that caught fire, slammed into the downtown area and exploded.

The director of criminal prosecutions in Quebec has now filed a raft of criminal charges against the defunct rail company and three of its employees including the engineer.

NewsTalk 1010's Michel Boyer in Montreal.

The federal Transportation Safety Board has already determined that not enough handbrakes were set on the train when it was stopped overnight on a hill overlooking the town.   What precisely caused the fire has not been released yet but press reports last fall indicated there was a broken piston in the engine and that allowed unburned fuel to leak, causing smoke, sparks and ultimately a fire.


A former Israeli Prime Minister is going to prison.

Ehud Olmert was sentenced this morning to spend 6 years behind bars for corruption while in office.


Where in the world is Casey Kasem, the aging "American TOP 40"  DJ, long retired and in poor health at the age of 82.

A Judge in Los Angeles has ordered an investigation to find out what is going on.

Kasem's children have been feuding with his wife Jean over access to their father.

Kasem's daughter Kerri is her father's legal conservator and she claims her step-mother has moved her father to a reservation in Washington State.

A lawyer for Jean Kasem says he doesn't know exactly where Casey Kasem is located...other than out of the country.

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