Friday, May 23 Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 5/23/2014 12:00:00 AM

20 days to go before we vote in the Ontario election.

A crucial element in any campaign is to have momentum or should I say not to lose momentum.

Tim Hudak and his PC's have a problem.  Their momentum seems to have been derailed by Hudak's plan to eliminate 1-hundred-thousand public sector jobs, through attrition.

Ipsos Reid has been doing weekly polls for our Bell Media partners at CTV and CP-24.

Last week, the PC's had a 9 point lead over the Liberals and 11 points over the NDP.

That is now reduced to a 4 point lead over the Liberals and 7 points over the NDP.

Hudak lost 4 points and they all went to the NDP.  The Liberals held, a gain of one.

The online survey conducted Tuesday and Wednesday shows PC voters, if they had to, would pick the NDP as their second choice.

NDP voters would more likely have the Liberals as second choice.

The Liberals would go NDP if they had to.

So that's why the conclusion that Hudak's job-killing cuts seems to have pushed 4 points worth of supporters over to Andrea Horwath and her New Democrats.

These overall numbers suggest to me that if this holds until election day we could have another minority government at Queen's Park but likely a PC minority.   However, I still think very few people are paying attention to the campaigns and probably won't bother for another 10 days or so.

What is clear from Ipsos Reid is that overwhelmingly Ontarians want the Liberals out....72 percent saying its time for a change.


John Tory and Olivia Chow will likely have smiles on their faces today, taking comfort from a new Forum Research poll conducted Wednesday.

It shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's approval rating has hit a new low, 32 percent, which is down 6 points from 3 weeks ago.

John Tory has the highest approval rating at 68 percent.  Chow is 9 points back.

They also did one of those questions, 'if the election were held today who would be your choice for mayor?'

36 percent say Olivia Chow.  27 percent John Tory.  24 percent Rob Ford.  Karen Stintz and David Soknacki score in the area of hash marks at 3 percent.

There have been rumours that Doug Ford is considering a run for mayor should his brother decide not to so Forum put his name on a 5 candidate list.  Chow 37. Tory 26. Doug Ford 20 percent so he'd do worse than Rob Ford.


For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, the general media has not spent a great deal of time on the hackers who attacked e-Bay in late February and March.

Granted they did not get the credit card numbers of e-Bay customers or other financial data and that's good but they did have access to the kind of information needed to steal your identity.  Whether they actually gathered and kept that information is not clear.  Nor to what end but it opens the possibility to any number of the 1-hundred-45-million eBay customers getting taken to the cleaners financially....identity theft so they can build in your profile and order new credit cards which they'd use or maybe buy a house in your name.

What they had access to is your name, your address, your email address, your date of birth, and your phone number as well as your encrypted password.   Even if you follow eBay's urgent request to submit a new password,  these hackers could use the information on your profile to re-set your password again on some websites  but it's the identify theft that I'd be most concerned about and there's not a lot you can do about it unless you subscribe to credit monitoring companies.

Ottawa and Washington need to get on this immediately and force eBay Inc to provide every customer with free credit monitoring for a minimum of 6 months just to make sure you're not a victim of these hackers.


If you are up for and you're up north away from the big city lights this weekend, you may see a meteor shower early Saturday.  Best viewing time is 2am until almost dawn.   The meteor shower is from the Comet 209P/Linear.

Experts are not quite sure just what to expect...at a minimum 3 or 4 shooting stars per minute...but may be a few hundred or more per minute as the comet passes about 7.6-million miles from Earth.

And next Tuesday, that comet will be within 5 million miles so the display then could be even better.

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