Wednesday, July 2nd Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 7/2/2014 6:14:00 AM

Rob Ford

I hadn't really intended to say much today about Rob Ford's return from rehab but because I've been one of his harshest critics there seems to be an expectation I'd rip into him again following his speech Monday afternoon.

First, let me say, in my experience addicts lie over and over again.  The tone may change and they start out full of remorse but the road to recovery is, for some, akin to climbing Mount Everest every day of the week.   This is my way of saying I don't believe a word that comes out of Rob Ford's mouth.  His words are meaningless.  He's demonstrated that time and time again.

It is his actions which count and on that front he already seems to be failing.

He delivered a well-crafted speech on Monday until he turned everything back to politics.

It also bothers me that since returning home, he has spent very little time with his family.  They have to be hurting, especially his kids and a quick hug from Dad and off he goes to city hall just doesn't cut it in my books.  Then he spent all Canada Day, 12-hours, campaigning at various Canada Day events, parades etcetera.  There was one event where his young son Doug was with him at the National Congress of Chinese Canadians.  He danced with him and hoisted him in the air.  I don't know about you but if I'd been away for two months, my first priority would be re-establishing contact with my kids one-on-one...not in the glare of public life.

So a couple of days in, the only difference I see in Rob Ford is that he's lost weight.  I question whether he really got it?  Whether what his doctors and counsellors tried to drum into him for two months has actually sunk in?

I note with interest that the Toronto Sun, which has not be on the Mayor's side for some time now, took the editorial position this morning that he should resign as Mayor.  The headline of the editorial saying,  "For his own sake, Ford should resign."   I would add "For his family's sake, Ford must resign."



Ontario Legislature

Ontario Liberal MPP's will be struttin' their stuff as the veterans and the rookies gather at noon.  All newly elected MPP's will be sworn-in at 11 this morning.   The Liberal caucus is at noon.  The PC caucus will be held today as well because they need to choose a new interim leader.  This is Tim Hudak's last day at the helm and for many Tories the end can't come fast enough after two disastrous election campaigns.


It looks like Tory MPP's Jim Wilson and Paul Yakubuski are offering themselves up for the interim leader's job until a leadership convention is held.  Personally I'd lean toward Wilson.  He has a steady hand has been in the game a long time and has extensive experience as a cabinet minister but that is for the PC's to determine who should do what until  they figure out where the party is going.    Since the election before last I've been saying this party is in big trouble...the idea of Progressive Conservative no longer seems possible.  That's why the PC party collapsed nationally and is now The Conservative Party.   Progressives either folded or went Liberal.

There's a lot of soul searching to be done and they'll need the time to figure out what the voters really want.  If they can figure out that, it would make the selection of a new leader that much easier.



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