Tuesday, July 15th Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 7/15/2014 6:41:00 AM

Olivia Chow

Has Olivia Chow run out of things to talk about or is she simply taking advantage of the fact that a supply teacher was shot to death for no apparent reason in Flemington Park.

There she was outside the Ephraim Brown Community Centre in the Jane-Finch area saying that if she becomes Mayor she would press the federal government to ban revolvers and pistols nationwide...so no legal possession of such weapons.  When David Miller was mayor he tried the same thing in 08 but Ottawa just ignored him.

She also wants the long-gun registry returned.  That too would require Ottawa to change its own position so that’s not going to happen.

A statement from Mayor Rob Ford's office also points out that when Chow was a federal MP she had the opportunity to make a real difference by supporting tougher laws for illegal handguns and she voted against it.

On the issue of hiring more police officers in Toronto, Olivia Chow says no.  As she put it "I don't think we need to hire additional officers.  I think with better shift work we can get more officers on the streets."   Better shift-work?  Thank you for your profound insight into the management of police resources, of which you clearly know very little.

Earlier this year, an outside consulting firm said just to get back to the regular compliment of officers that should be on staff, Toronto would have to hire another 178 officers.   Combine that with a growing population, how does one conclude we don't need to hire more police officers?

Ms. Chow also calls for expanding the use of crisis intervention units to deal with cases involving people with mental illnesses.  Well Ms. Chow, while you were away working on Parliament Hill that is exactly what happened in this city.  Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams (MCITs), comprising a mental health nurse and a police officer, specially trained in crisis intervention, are now or will soon be available across the city seven days a week.

These Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams are a partnership between the Toronto Police Service  and participating hospitals including Toronto East General Hospital, Humber River Hospital, North York General Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and The Scarborough Hospital.

So on law and order and crime I would simply say to Olivia Chow...wake up.  Where have you been and when you speak, please understand what you are speaking about.

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