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Posted By: Dave Agar · 7/17/2014 6:24:00 AM

7-year old killed

A 7-year old girl was struck and killed by a minivan late yesterday afternoon in Leaside and residents could well be wondering if this was the result of all the construction work going on along Eglinton Avenue.

This tragedy happened at the corner of McRae Drive and Millwood.  There's a big park there where the kids play T-ball, tennis and other things.  There's library right beside the park.  There's also a nursery school.   It's an intersection with traffic lights.  Apparently the minivan was making a right turn.  Whether the driver rolled through a red or whether the little girl tried to cross the street on a red, police aren't saying yet.

I know this neighbourhood well.  I drive through it frequently.   There are kids all over the neighbourhood...many of them in strollers or buggies.   I have no hard data to back up my personal observation, there has been a marked increase in traffic since the construction on Eglinton began.  Combine that with the retail development that has been going on on the east side of Laird over the last few years, there’s a lot of traffic trying to get to Sobey's, the Home Depot and Canadian Tire.  What was once a lazy little neighbourhood where the elderly age gracefully while up and coming families move in and renovate so they can live on a quiet street safe for their kids to play, has turned into a cut-through for drivers who won't take Eglinton while it is in the mess it’s in and won't take Southvale because there are so many stop signs you want to tear your hair out.    I'm not suggesting the Eglinton construction is to blame.  What I am suggesting is that the death of this little girl could be an unintended consequence of that construction.

Leaside is just one example of many quiet neighbourhoods now filled with cars and trucks and minivans trying to avoid the extraordinary amount of road and transit construction going on in this city.  I mentioned yesterday that there is a map of those construction projects and it's incredible the number of work sites there are.   When this commentary is posted on our website, we'll add a link to the map so you can see for yourself what is happening.

 (Click here to see city map of construction projects)

Olivia Chow

Is Olivia Chow a "biatch"?  Was it fair to call her that?

In case you missed it on NewsTalk 1010's Moore in the Morning Round One panel discussion yesterday, former Conservative MPP Peter Shurman called Chow a "biatch" for the way she acted during Tuesday night's Mayoralty debate.  Chow later tweeted that she was called a "bitch" on CFRB and wondered aloud whether that was fair.

She has not publicly said if she was insulted by the remark or not or whether she wants an apology from Peter Shurman.  But Shurman has apologized to any women who were offended.  Olivia Chow is scheduled to be on with John Moore at 7:15 this morning.  National Post columnist Christie Blatchford was also on the panel and said Chow was "bitchy".   Last evening on the Live Drive, Blatchford insisted that what Shurman said was not an issue of gender.

“These aren’t gender issues.  Nobody is picking on Olivia Chow because she’s a woman, they’re picking on her because they don’t like her politics or her style.”said Blatchford.

As a regular member of the Roundtable discussions, these are off-the-cuff remarks and sometimes you say things in a manner that, had you time to think about it, you wouldn't have used.   To me, what Shurman said was not appropriate but I don't think it was sexist, nor do I think he has some deep seated hatred toward women.  I've known this man most of my adult life and I have never seen or heard anything from him or about him that he's a misogynist.   Should he have used another term, yes but you can't unring a bell.

I am curious to hear whether Chow will try to use this for political gain.

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  1. Mark Dowling posted on 07/17/2014 09:09 AM
    Maybe this sort of way to describe is okay where Peter Shurman lives in Niagara - it is not okay here. Find someone local to be on your show who has a bit of class.
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