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Posted By: Dave Agar · 7/21/2014 12:00:00 AM

Within the last 20 minutes, Environment Canada has expanded the fog advisory its posted overnight.

It now includes most of the Greater Toronto Area except the city of Toronto and southern Durham Region.

The advisory, like the fog, blankets southwestern and central Ontario and here in the GTA, all of Halton, Peel, as well as York Region.

Near zero visibility in those areas is likely until mid-morning.


No matter how you look at it, the fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is a bloody shame.

501 Palestinians killed in the last two weeks.  20 Israelis.  But don't assess blame based on body count.

Hamas is firing about a hundred rockets a day at civilian targets in Israel.  Israel's so-called Iron Dome is blocking most of them and its clear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not stop the Israeli military assault on Hamas until the rockets stop.  He's trying to protect his citizens.

The other thing you have to know is how Hamas operates.  The leadership hides in bunkers under hospitals.  The fighters hide amongst the Palestinian population in Gaza.  They transport rockets in ambulances.   They use civilians including children as shields.    They have dug tunnels from Gaza into Israel from where teams of gunmen attack Israelis.  So its no wonder so many civilians are being killed and injured...no wonder you see ambulances full of bullet holes and hospital wings ablaze.

There's enough blame and shame to spread to all sides in this bloody confrontation.


Finally it looks as though the families of the 2-hundred-98 people killed when a missile took at a Malaysian commercial jetliner over eastern Ukraine, the families won't have to worry much longer about the indignities being hoist up on their loved ones.

Most of the bodies are being stored on refrigerated train cars...old Soviet-era trains but the train has sat there for days.  It probably won't be there much longer.


Here in Toronto its going to be another heart-breaking day for the parents, siblings and friends of Georgia Walsh.

She's the little 7 year old girl who was struck and killed at the intersection of Millwood and McRae in Leaside last week, just after 4 in the afternoon as she walked home from the park right at the corner.    A minivan was making a right turn.  Whether it was against the red or not, police still haven't said.

The funeral for Georgia Walsh will be at 2 o'clock this afternoon at St. Paul's Anglican church on Bloor east.

As a parent of two and the grandfather of two, I cannot begin to comprehend the anguish her parents are going through.

That's CBS correspondent Cami McCormick in Kiev.

In New York, the UN Security Council meets today.  Australia has a resolution the table demanding international access to the crash site and an immediate ceasefire.  Russia has veto power at the Security Council.  This will be the real test of what President Vladimir Putin is all about.  If Russia vetos it will tell the world that Putin is nothing more than a war-monger hell bent on expanding the Russian empire back to the Soviet era and perhaps beyond.


Do you remember the guy who was trying to broker the deal to sell the Rob Ford crack video to the Star or Gawker?  His name is Mohamed Farah.  He was arrested last June as part of the Project Traveler probe which focused on the Dixon City Bloods gang.  Project Traveler was the police probe that ultimately led to the revelations that the Mayor was doing crack and booze and whatever.

In any event the Crown has decided to withdraw all charges against Mohamed Farah and 3 others arrested in the Project Traveler case.   There's no straight forward explanation but it's likely because the Crown doesn't think they can get a conviction so there's no point wasting the court's time.

That leaves more than 55 people still charged.    Preliminary hearings for several of them are expected to begin in October before the municipal election but you'll not be getting anything about Rob Ford in those hearings.  They're subject to a publication ban.   A handful of accused opted to skip their preliminary hearings and will go directly to trial but not until after the election.

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