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Posted By: Dave Agar · 7/28/2014 6:13:00 AM

In the darkness of the early morning, a pedestrian was struck by a Brampton city bus at Finch and Humberline Drive near the 427. That was just before 6 this morning. The person has been trapped under the bus for over an hour now and Toronto EMS says when its paramedics arrived, the pedestrian had no vital signs. We've learned that subsequently the pedestrian was pronounced dead.

Police will no doubt have to consider the weather as a factor. The rain which started last night, combined with the darkness makes it extremely difficult for motorists see people crossing the road, especially if they're not at an intersection.

We've had a fair bit of rain which has caused some flooding in those areas prone to it. In a span of one hour, 2 inches of rain fell. By 9:30 last night, the total was 2.3 inches and it rained heavily off and on overnight. You can expect a few more hours of that off and on, heavy downpours, depending on where you are in the GTA.

The rain comes from a very large storm system which spawned thunder and lightining. It may have also spawned a tornado or two. Environment Canada experts will be out today inspecting damage at Grand Bend on Lake Huron and at Millbank, northwest of Kitchener.

In California yesterday, Venice Beach was in full panic mode when lightning struck several people on the beach and in the water. One 20-year old man was killed, about a dozen other people hurt, mostly shookup.


Police in London, Ontario say that thus far there is no evidence suggesting there was anything deliberate about a car reversing through the front doors of the Costco store in the city on Friday.

Yesterday, 6-year-old Addison Hall died of her injuries. Sources tell the London Free Press that the family decided to donate her organs.

Her 3-year old sister remains in critical condition. Their mother, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, underwent an emergency C-section. The mother's condition has been upgraded to fair. The newborn is critical.

London Police Sergeant Amanda Pfeffer says the investigation is still in the early stages.

Police are also looking at the medical condition of the woman driving the car and they're checking for any evidence of impairment.


As you may be aware, Toronto's Integrity commissioner is investigating Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug following an allegation that their family company may have stood to benefit when the Ford's set up meetings between the American printing company RR Donnelley and senior city hall bureaucrats about Donnelly taking over city hall printing jobs.

The Mayor insists he did noting wrong by helping clients of the family business, Deco Labels and Tags. Councillor Doug Ford insists Deco received "zero" referals from Donnelley.

This morning, the Globe and Mail has done a followup investigation and it quotes unamed former Deco comployees as say Donnelley was in fact a client of the Ford family business, that Deco was subcontracted to do work for Moore Canada, a company purchased by Donnelley 7 years ago. These former employees say Deco has been doing print jobs for Donnelley-slash-Moore for several years. Another source says Doug Ford was listed as the account rep on the Moore account.

The Ford's have a lot of disdain for Integrity Commissioner Janet Leiper but let me stress again she is not investigating of her own accord. The city council rules she must follow stipulates that her office investigate when someone files a complaint. She's just following the rules.


The humanitarian ceasefire betwween Israel and Hamas, has, for the most part, held since yesterday.

There are notable exceptions. Someone in Hamas fired a rocket at Ashkelon in southern Israel this morning. It never made it to the area. Israel returned fire on 3 positions in Gaza.

Here in Toronto on the weekend, some skirmishes at a protest rally Saturday and again yesterday. 

It's one thing to support one cause or another. Quite another to start throwing punches for peace. Rather absurd don't you think. Punches for peace?

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  1. Toby Trompeter posted on 07/29/2014 12:35 AM
    The Canadians for Israel Rally held at Queen's Park on Sunday, July 27th was peaceful as thousands stood in the hot sun for two hours. Participants showed their solidarity with Israel and affirmed its right to protect itself from Iran backed Hamas terrorists, as any state would. We were Jews, Christians, Muslims, secular, young and old... and we came together in a true grassroots swell of support with just 3 days planning out of an urgent wish to show public support for Israel. We had two MPs, the Deputy Consul of Israel, Jewish, Christian and Muslim speakers AND a message of support from Prime Minister Harper. There were only THREE protesters on the other side - not a throng as suggested in various media outlets - and one of them brought a flag of Israel with the Star of David replaced with a swastika - quite a provocation to Jews in the crowd, some of whom were survivors themselves or lost immediate family to the Nazi death machine. While the speakers continued and most of the crowd was unaware, one young man lost his cool and a fight started. Most of us didn't even see it happen and to hear about it afterward was quite upsetting... but even more painful was the way the media pounced on this to play it up! 99.9% of the participants waving both Canadian and Israeli flags and affirming values shared by both countries: freedom, truth, democracy and peace - experienced an uplifting rally with informative, inspiring speakers - but you would never know it to follow the reports of the mainstream media. I know confrontation "sell papers", but don't you think it should be proportionate???
    Toby Trompeter
    Canadians for Israel
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