Read deeper into mayoral polling numbers: News and Views Sept 3rd

Posted By: Dave Agar · 9/3/2014 6:04:00 AM

Tory polling

If I were John Tory, I'd be in my condo right now privately doing the Lotto 6/49 Happy dance to Pharrell Williams.

The latest poll has Tory with a significant and substantial lead over Rob Ford and Olivia Chow.

Publicly I'd suggest Tory avoid a dance because he's not there yet and with 53 days left in the campaign, a lot can and undoubtedly will happen.

Nanos Research polled only those Torontonians old enough to vote who said they would definitely be voting.

The numbers that are getting the most play are those which do not consider the voters who said they aren't sure yet who they'll vote for on October 27th and that is an important number which cannot be ignored.

So don't give much credence to the headline that Tory has 42 percent, Ford has 28 and Chow has 26.

Instead focus on Tory with 35 percent. Ford 23. Chow 21 and nearly 17 percent of voters haven't made up their minds. That's a big number.

There's a lot more to this survey paid for by CTV and the Globe and Mail and almost all of it points most favourably at John Tory, even in Scarborough and Etobicoke...so-called Ford Nation lands.


It was just yesterday when I was saying that Rob Ford and his team had said virtually nothing thus far about what he would do if he were to be re-elected. At 8:30 this morning, the mayor will unveil his Toronto Subway Expansion plan.

32 kilometres of subways.

Phase one would cost 9-billion dollars. It includes a subway relief line that would run from Pape station to the Queen Station. He'd complete the Eglinton transit line but instead of letting it go above ground from Laird east, he'd keep it underground. He'd extend the Sheppard subway line line from Don Mills to McCowan and it would be linked to the Bloor-Danforth subway extension and Ford says there would be a subway from Finch West station to Humber College. Do you think he could do all that with no hike in property taxes? He says yes and outlines a list of options.

Then there's a phase two which includes a subway relief line in the west end from Dundas West to Queen; a subway from Kipling up to Humber College; an Eglinton west extension and a subway from Yonge-Sheppard to Downsview.

Ambitious, you bet. Funding, iffy including the oft dismissed sale of air rights above new subway stations. Time frame? I don't know. If it is in the plan posted on Ford's website, I can't find it. Suffice to say....a long long long time.


The news flashed round the world less than 3 hours ago. The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko's office released a statement saying he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had reached a "permanent ceasefire" agreement for eastern Ukraine.

But that was far more than Putin's office was saying and now Poroshenko has basically rescinded the first statement and softened the wording considerably to say the Ukrainian President and Putin have reached agreement on a "ceasefire process."

Anytime Vladimir Putin is involved, I would take anything emerging from it with a grain of salt. This guy is an out and out liar. He's demonstrated it repeatedly.

It's no coincidence that Russia and Ukraine appear to be coming toward consensus just one day before Prime Minister Stephen Harper, U.S. President Barack Obama and the other leaders of NATO hold a summit where Ukraine is at the top of the agenda along with how to deal with the ever expanding army of ISIS those Islamist fanatics slaughtering their way through Iraq and Syria.

It is interesting to note the comments of the Deputy Director-General of NATO that while the alliance has drawn a line in the sand with Russia, which Moscow must not cross, that line is not in Ukraine. It only covers the borders of NATO nations and Ukraine is not in NATO. Ukraine wants in but that's why Russia is doing what its doing in the first place. To prevent NATO from expanding ever closer to Russian territory.


And a quick follow up to the so-called hackers getting into the Apple accounts of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton and posting nude selfies online for all to see.

Initially it looked like Apple had a security vulnerability that was seized upon to get into the celebs iCloud and pulled down the photos.

The company says the truth is the hackers got in simply by figuring out their log-in credentials...the usernames, passwords and verification codes.

How they got those...we don't know yet.


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