Poking holes in Ford's transit plan: News and Views Sept 4

Posted By: Dave Agar · 9/4/2014 7:14:00 AM


Hollywood has converged on Toronto again for the International Film Festival that begins today.

It's a lot of fun for people who are film buffs and star gazers but for motorists it can be quite a hassle get around downtown, just about anywhere there is a movie screen showing films from TIFF. Invariably the roads are shutdown.

This year, for the first time, a stretch of King street will be closed completely starting at 10 this morning until Monday morning.

I would draw your attention to the impressive work Justine Lewkowicz has done on the Film Festival on our website: Take a look: newstalk1010-dot-com

Ford's transit plan

So what do people think of Mayor Rob Ford's 9-billion dollar subway expansion plan?

His plan to pay for it....it's a long, long list but let's get down to the nuts and bolts of this.

Ford's 9-billion dollar price tag is not even close to accurate. He thinks that will be the cost for 32-kilometres of subway even though the cost of the Scarborough extension alone will be about 3-and-a-half-billion...and that's for a stretch that is 7.6-kilometres long. That leaves 24 kilometres to get done for 6-and-a-half-billion.

I shudder to think what the cost would be to bury the Eglinton LRT beneath the Don Valley river instead of sticking to the original plan of going above ground from Laird, over top of the Don Valley to Kennedy.

There were some other things Ford said at his unveiling of this half-cocked idea that cannot go unchallenged.

First, he declared "I am the only candidate who is committd to expanding Toronto's subway system." False. Tory Chow and Socknacki all support various subway lines.

Second, Ford said the one reason the Eglinton crosstown LRT is underground is because of Mayor Rob Ford". False. The Crosstown plan was announced 5 years ago. Rob Ford has been mayor for 4 years.

Third: He figures 2-billion dollars could be freed up when he cancels the LRT's along Finch and Sheppard. Dream on. The city is not building those lines. The TTC is not building those lines. The Ontario Government is building them and they've already spent considerable dollars on planning and design work. Do you think Premier Wynne would just top up a cheque and hand it over to Rob Ford? Of course not.

Pet bylaw

A reminder that Environment Canada could well declare a heat alert for the Greater Toronto Area tomorrow because the combination of heat and humidity is expected to hit 40.

For residents of Mississauga, a reminder that there is a new pet bylaw that went into effect yesterday.

Among the changes...no pets can be left outdoors during extreme weather except for brief walks or exercise unless the pet has access to adequate shelter to protect the animal.

Mississauga's Animal Services officer are now authorized to enter private lands to make sure the bylaw is being followed.

There are new regs on the size of pens dogs can be held in...nearly triple the previous size and Mississauga says your dog must be out of that pen and not tied up for 4 hours in any 24-hour time period.

That could be a tough one. Years ago I owned a German Sheppard and that dog couldn't stand being in the house. He wanted out to run or out to go into his fenced in dog run...no matter how cold or how hot. Keeping him off leash and not penned for 4 hours a day...would have been very difficult.

Incidently if you have a dog house in Mississauga it must now be insulated, have clean dry bedding and shade and large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around lie down and stretch out completely.

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