Monday, April 21 Commentary

Posted By: Dave Agar · 4/21/2014 12:00:00 AM

It was last week when the Toronto Star revealed that many Ontario nursing home patients were being given anti-psychotic medications and/or sedatives.

This morning there's a new report, this one commissioned by the Ministry of Health which confirms that if you have a parent in a nursing home, odds are nearly 50-50 that they're being given an anti-psychotic drug.  Roughly 30 percent are given sedatives such as lorazepam or diazepam and 15 percent are required to take both.

One of the co-authors of this study, Tara Gomes told the Star the findings warrant further investigation to find out why.

The other co-author, Doctor David Juurlink says anti-psychotic drugs and drugs such as lorazepam both have a sedative effect and sedation comes at a price...including people falling,  bedsores, blood clots and potentially fatal reactions to those medications.

Doctor Juurlink thinks too many doctors are going overboard.

So if you have a ...