Tory is in the red zone...but can he score? News and Views September 23

Posted By: Dave Agar · 9/23/2014 6:08:00 AM

John Tory

If I were running the John Tory campaign, I'd be walking on eggshells right now. All the polls have him in the lead...one by as little as 7 points over Doug Ford. Another by 22 points.

To use a football analogy, between now and October 27th, Tory is in the red zone, within 20 yards of the end zone and the toughest distance to travel.

If you look at the latest Nanos poll for CTV and the Globe and Mail, Tory looks unbeatable with 49 percent. But a new Forum Poll for the Star has him at 38 percent...meaning he's still beatable.

If his supporters follow the NANOS number, that's a problem because many of them may simply not bother voting, figuring he has it in the bag.

There's also the prospect of a significant misstep by John Tory. It hasn't happened yet in this campaign but that's ...