News and Views March 6 2015

Posted By: Dave Agar · 3/6/2015 6:07:00 AM


The Spadina subway extension. It is a glaring example of the kind of b.s that makes people crazy as they watch their hard-earned tax dollars get blown by government.

It was 9 years ago when the Spadina extension from Downsview Station through York University to Vaughan was announced. The price tag 1-and-a-half billion dollars and a promise it would be ready in the fall of 2015.

Since then it ballooned to 2-and-a-half billion and the opening date was pushed to 2016.

Now the Star has learned the cost overruns have now risen another 4-hundred-million dollars and the extension won't be ready until sometime in 2017.

The chair of the TTC, Josh Colle says the TTC, the city and York Region are on the hook for these overages and delays and if they want to speed things up and get back on track it'll cost...who knows how much more but ...