As the Dust Settles...

Posted By: Katie Franzios · 10/16/2012 9:23:00 AM

Just 24 hours ago, I blogged about the silence heard most mornings at Queen's Park.

Little did I - or anyone else - know, it was to be the calm before the storm.

There are many out there praising or slamming down Dalton McGuinty's political motives for stepping down, all expected to happen now and in the days and weeks ahead.

But no matter what your political stripe, many out there also know he was a nice guy.

On one of my first days on the Queen's Park beat, something happened to me that didn't happen when I started covering city hall under Mayor David Miller. It also didn't happen to me when Mayor Rob Ford took office.

The guy in the top political spot almost made me dribble my soup.

I was writing a report after Question Period and having lunch at my desk, as I usually do. There was a knock on my door from a political staffer, which is also very common.

McGuinty's former press secretary Jane Almeida was there, with another body in tow - the Premier.

I had just put a spoonful of soup in my mouth and was so surprised to see him that instead of swallowing, it almost landed up on my shirt.

He welcomed me to Queen's Park, we chatted about hockey and after a few minutes, he left.

That was one of the things I thought of when everything calmed down a little.

I also wondered how many other people almost dribbled their soup when they heard the news of McGuinty planning to step down.

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  1. Michael posted on 10/18/2012 11:46 PM
    That is a sweet story. I hear he is a nice guy. Too bad he is an incompetent and unethical Premier.
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