Hudak safe - for now

Posted By: Katie Franzios · 9/19/2013 5:06:00 PM

With talk of an election swirling over the past few months, there were questions about if Tim Hudak was fit to lead the Progressive Conservatives into the next election.

Now that the fall session is underway with the potential of a provincial vote rising for the fall or spring, Tories would made the wrong move to oust their leader.

Not only would it show the party is in a state of confusion, therefore not ready to lead, they just wouldn't have time to elect a new face of the party.

As University of Toronto Political Science Professor Nelson Wiseman pointed out this week, the planning of a leadership race and convention could take months, meaning the party would have no one to officially turn to. (What would likely happen would be Deputy Leader Christine Elliot would fill Hudak's shoes in the interim).

Having the main opposition party leaderless would then work to Premier Kathleen Wynne's advantage if she were to call an election.

All of this aside, there will be no official leadership vote this weekend at the party's policy convention. There will, however, be a vote on a motion to change the leadership voting rules, which could affect Hudak in the near future if the Liberals manage to pass the budget with NDP support.

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