Hudak's TTC gaffe leads to a lesson

Posted By: Katie Franzios · 5/12/2014 3:01:00 PM

When I was younger, I had to ask my parents' permission to go places and do things. As a toddler, it was near my dad's work bench or in the kitchen when my mom was cooking and the stove was on.  As a teen, it was to borrow the car.

Why? Because it was theirs. Their area (which could have been dangerous for a child) or their thing.

Now, as an adult following politicians for a living, I've been to many events in or around TTC stations. There has always been a TTC rep with them.

Tim Hudak's staff should have known this. If they didn't know, I'm surprised they didn't call the TTC to see what protocol was. If anything, to avoid the embarrassment that happened on Sunday - trying to speak to reporters on the Subway and then getting kicked off because they didn't have the permits.

It followed a handful of appearances at companies which received government grants, something Hudak had been appearance to criticize.

On Monday, staff seemed to have learned from their mistakes. While Hudak made another appearance at a company which received "corporate welfare" (his term), this time, it's owners were honest. They underlined while they did receive government grants, they would much rather lower hydro bills.

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