Debate a channel changer - literally

Posted By: Katie Franzios · 6/5/2014 7:37:00 AM

If you work in or follow politics on a daily basis, you likely sat through this week's debate to not only get a condensed version of party platforms but to see how the leaders perform under pressure.

Others, tuned in on and off, if at all.

Speaking with friends who mildly pay attention to Queen's Park on a regular basis, most were bored of the debate.

One, was sick about hearing about Tory leader Tim Hudak's Million Jobs Plan.

Another, was fed up after Premier Kathleen Wynne's response to the first question about the gas plant scandal.

The third, who tuned in and out, didn't think NDP leader Andrea Horwath was engaging.

All, were upset that there wasn't more of a focus on healthcare.

For what is usually considered to be a turning point during the campaign, had casual observers giving up. All three just shrugged their shoulders about if ...