WATCH: Wynne stands behind Drive Clean, car dealers upset

Car dealerships want the program scrapped

On Thursday, the Tories vowed to scrap the province's Drive Clean Program and the NDP promised to see if the emissions test was actually doing its job.

But the Premier stood behind it Friday, despite car dealerships shaking their fists.

Kathleen Wynne says it reduces emissions in the air, but Frank Notte (note-AY) scoffs at that notion.

The Director of Government Relations for the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association says he doesn't credit Drive Clean for that. He says vehicle emissions have reduced by 75 per cent because there are better manufacturing standards.

As for the test, he says it's a waste of time and money.

The province reduced the cost of the Drive Clean test from $35 to $30 but Notte says it still lines the government's pockets.

When the program was started in 1999, it wasn't supposed to make money. But fast forward to the end of last year and it has made $19 million in profits for the province.

Wynne made the comments at a stop at an ESL school in Toronto.

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  1. thor posted on 05/23/2014 02:45 PM
    I honestly believe that if all Lieberals combined had just one more brain it would die of loneliness.
    1. Sonny posted on 05/23/2014 04:06 PM
      @thor The program was started under the Cons
    2. Sonny's Mom posted on 05/23/2014 04:26 PM
      @Sonny Ah Son, that was before cars were made to be more emission free. A lot has changed in the last 10 years. Furthermore, your car is now being tested with California devices which reads error codes in your car computer, not emissions. Any error code, such as a loose battery cable or open gas cap recorded on your computer will trigger a failure in the test. Please quit trying to place the blame elsewhere - the tests are no longer required.
    3. Alex posted on 05/23/2014 05:06 PM
      @Sonny's Mom ".....that was before cars were made to be more emission free -"~Sonny

      More emission free?
      That means about as much as saying this gas is 'more lead free'.
    4. Alex posted on 05/23/2014 05:16 PM
      @thor Thanks thor.
      I am sure that scientists are eager to test Conservative's Rob Fords brain some day to just see if more than ten cells are active.
    5. sonny's mom posted on 05/23/2014 06:31 PM
      @Alex See what I mean about lack of brain cells? Poor Alex. You're still upset since Wal-Mart fired you for indecent acts in Ladies Lingerie
    6. thor posted on 05/23/2014 06:32 PM
      @Alex Alex, please stay on topic. Are you confused from trolling all the topics?
    7. Alex posted on 05/23/2014 07:21 PM
      @thor ""I honestly believe that if all Lieberals combined had just one more brain it would die of loneliness.""~thor

      I guess you forgot that you set the topic thor.
    8. Alex posted on 05/23/2014 07:24 PM
      @sonny's mom Your imagination serves you well sonny's mom.
  2. john posted on 05/23/2014 02:52 PM
    of she she would it is a tax grab ! we all know liberals love tax grabs .
    1. John's mom posted on 05/23/2014 03:06 PM
      @john English please, John.
    2. john's father posted on 05/23/2014 03:36 PM
      @John's mom (slap ) shut up bitch and make me something to eat . and a beer .
    3. Doug Ford posted on 05/23/2014 03:56 PM
      @john's father Rob, you promised me and your election campaign workers that you would refrain from speaking out until after your return from "rehab". You're making our work extremely difficult, your numbers are plunging, and no one trusts you anymore. Plan B is also falling apart as no one wants me for mayor either. So please, keep a low profile for a few more days. I know the black flies are a problem, so please wear sensible shoes and your feet will be just fine.

      And Rob, you need to contact me ASAP, we need those plates so we can get your Caddy back to Etobicoke. If Sandro is still there, ask him to drop them off at our sister's place, he can have a couple of tokes with her, but should stay down here for now.

      Folk's we're trying to make it work, thank you for your patience.

      God Bless Toronto

    4. Alex posted on 05/23/2014 05:11 PM
      @john Tax grab?
      I always paid the garage who did the emission test.
      I will know next time to take my truck to provincial tax office for testing.
  3. Frankie posted on 05/23/2014 04:48 PM
    Another example of how stupid and/or arrogant Wynne and her Liberals are. The current emission test is as useful as a colonoscopy is in detecting an oil leak in your car.

    The level of their stupidity and arrogance is unprecedented!
    1. Alex posted on 05/23/2014 05:12 PM
      @Frankie Oh....just more Conservative double talk. It was ok till the government changed hands then cars just all became 'green'.?
  4. Alex posted on 05/23/2014 04:49 PM
    From Wikipedia:

    "Ontario's Drive Clean
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Ontario's Drive Clean is an automobile emissions control program in Ontario, Canada. The program came into being in 1999 under the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, lead by Premier Mike Harris. Current PC Party Leader, Tim Hudak was a Cabinet Minister at the time, and voted in favour of the program."
  5. Jake YYZ posted on 05/23/2014 05:33 PM
    There really were a lot of dirty cars on the road in 1999. The problem getting rid of the program in 2003 and 2007 was the lobbying from the car mechanics who invested thousands of dollars in the computers. Now, the same operators have had to invest in other diagnostic computers. So, while we drivers will benefit getting rid of it, I feel bad for those private sector folks just trying to make a living getting hosed — again. Regardless, it has to go. But, the only party who will dump it are the PCs.
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